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The Power Of An Experience-Driven Brand

By JP Kuehlwein
I have had the privilege of spending time withJ.P. Kuehlwein,executive vice presidentof Frédéric Fekkai, to discuss his views about what's next in the domain of brand management. After readingRethinking Prestige Branding: Secrets of the Ueber-Brands, the book that he co-authored with Wolfgang Schaefer, global chief strategy officer at ad agency SelectNY, and after just one conversation, I invited J.P. to deliver a keynote presentation attheAMA'sAnnual Conferencethat focuses on "Inspired ...
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Tech Ninja Todd | Becoming A Lead Learner

By Todd Nesloney
White House Champion of Change, Lead Learner/Principal and brand new Premiere ExclusiveTodd Nesloneyknows exactly what it means to lead by example. His leadership role in education ranges from writing a children's book and co-authoring classroom improvement guides to being a resourcefor educators and students alike on how to most effectively use technology as a tool in the classroom. Todd had previously been working hands-on in the classroom in a teaching role for over 7 years before ...
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Where Are All The Women ?

By Keren Elazari
People talk about the lack of gender diversity and representation at conferences and media events. I often hear - "We tried, but couldn't get any" - or even worse "we don't think it's a problem" (True story!) Or : "what about all of the other under-represented groups?" Fair enough : There are a lot of minorities which don't get the limelight. However: Women are not a minority. Women are +50% of the workforce, society, your audience - your customers! So, Ifyou want to have more women speak at events? Here are 3 ...
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The power of changing ONE HABIT.

By Shay Eskew
Situation:30 pounds overweight, working 60 hours/week, 1 income and job in jeopardy, 2 kids under 2, barely "making ends meet";, stress extremely high, "too busy"; to work out and often feeling overwhelmed. Situation sound familiar? What if changingONE HABITcould alter your life a good way? What if by changing one habit you could trigger a series of other small life changing events, which in and of themselves seem frivolous, yet collectively they enable you to achieve previously unattainable ...
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Erin Merryn + TLC | Breaking the Silence Premiere

By Erin Merryn
It happens over and over again: story after story of childhood sexual abuse continues to makes its way into the spotlight of national media. As disheartening and tragic as this kind of news may be, there isin fact, good happening in the world because of it:a nation-wide conversation about childhood sexual abuse prevention. This is one of the many reasons why Erin Merryn's and countless other people'stireless work is critical to achieving this. Last month, Erin's Law (a law which seeks to ...
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Alex Gilliam | The Grid's '10 Philadelphians making change'

By Alex Gilliam
Photo via Grid (byMark Likosky) Congratulations to K-12 education expert and Founder of Public Workshop, Alex Gilliamon being named one of '10 Philadelphians Making Change By Empowering Others!' Alex has opened the eyes of students and educators on the possibilities that an innovative approach to education holds through programs, like The Public Workshop, which teach students that design and innovation can be fun. The result of his creativity in working with students to change ...
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7 Lessons I Learned From Taking 10 Days Off Social Media and Email

By Demo Speaker
Have you ever been excited about a red light because it meant you could use your phone for 34 seconds while driving? Have you ever developed the sleight of hand skills of a card shark so that you can hide your phone when a flight attendant comes by to check that you've got it in airplane mode before takeoff? No? Just me then? Fair enough. You're a bastion of Luddite technological resistance. You probably printed this article out on homemade paper you dried in a ...
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Why do teachers need side jobs to pay bills?

By Ninive Calegari
San Francisco had its first day of school this month, andKory O'Rourke, a San Francisco teacher, is still driving Lyft to make ends meet. O'Rourke loves her job as a teacher and says she lives "in fear that the bills won't get paid."; Her story is not unusual, and teachers who don't drive Lyft often take on other jobs, such as housekeeping, bartending and tutoring. This is happening at a time when San Francisco is scrambling to find classroom teachers, and teacher-training programs in ...
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Kim Bearden | GISD Convocation Storify - Garland, TX

By Kim Bearden
The only thing all-star educator Kim Bearden loves more than teaching is getting other educators as fired up as she is about changing students' lives. Kim was recently invited to speak at theGISD Convocation in Garland, TX and has received an outpouring of stellar feedback from attendees! The Garland Independent School District educates 58,000 students from its 71 campuses throughout Dallas County. This ranks it as the second largest school district in the county, twelfth largest ...
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College students should master cash before getting a MasterCard

By Michelle Singletary
There is a method to what some readers consider my madness. Some people hate that I hate debt. Others disagree when I encourage families not to borrow for college. And, man, do I get a lot of email when I recommend that college students, especially freshmen, not have credit cards. I value this feedback, so I created the Color of Money "Talk Back"; feature, in which folks provide counterarguments to something I've written. "I disagree with the idea that credit cards ...

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