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2 Simple Steps To Business Success Under President Donald Trump

By Ian Altman
It seems that the president-elect has convinced investors that he'll be good for large businesses. But, what about small to medium-sized (not huge) businesses? Here are two simple steps to growing your business under President Donald Trump.
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PD is Sinking…Here Are 3 Ways to Save It

By Brad Gustafson
Most educators really don't care about what we call PD. They care about their students and want practical solutions to the challenges they encounter in their classrooms. They care about relationships and coherent PD that actually makes change manageable (Gustafson, 2016). Renaming PD will not save it from itself. Neither will making surface-level changes to traditional PD practices. We can engage in deeply philosophical debates about what we want to call PD until we're blue in the face, but ...
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Innovation out of Thin Air

By Josh Linkner
Excited to arrive in Hong Kong, your enthusiasm quickly wanes. Your eyes and lungs burn from the smog, as air pollution levels have reached record highs in this cosmopolitan city. The dense haze lingers in the air as children crave to see a rare blue sky. First looking for fresh ways to market their goods, Hong Kong-based Tiger Beer gleaned inspiration from those soot-filled skies. Realizing what a big hazard air pollution had become and connecting with the need to raise awareness to influence new ...
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3 Keys to Leading Child-Centered Change

By Brad Gustafson
It seems like education is being poked and prodded from nearly every direction. Some of these influences may be helpful, but they get lost in the torrent of new initiates, misguided policy, and priorities that emphasize test scores over student learning and creativity. I recently came across a tweet from George Couros (@GCouros) that read, "If you are going to make decisions that have an impact on the classroom, you need to be in classrooms often. Don't decide from afar."; Judging from the ...
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"I Know I Can't, But What If I Could?"

By Mike Rayburn
A speaker walks into our office...and gifts us with a signed guitar. Yep, you read that right. We had the fantastic opportunity to spend part of our afternoon with entrepreneur, Hall of Fame speaker, world-glass guitarist and two-time TED presenter, Mike Rayburn. One of the greatest aspects of working with so many talented, world-class speakers is cultivating personal relationships with them. Stellar, intentional relationships have kept us going for over twenty years and continue to propel us well ...
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Michael Reagan relays values learned from his father

By Michael Reagan
Through two brief moments of silence,Michael Reagan, son of the late U.S. President Ronald Reagan and his first wife Jane Wyman, powerfully expressed both the need to be forgiven and to forgive as he opened his heart to Liberty University students in Convocation on Wednesday. After sharing his story of being abused as a child by an after-school program leader, and then that of his father surviving an assassination attempt in 1981, the younger Reagan called for the entire Vines ...
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A Cunningly Creative Cannonball

By Josh Linkner
Kevin Bull was facing the challenge of his life. A successful stock trader and entrepreneur, Bull trained hard and finally made it as a walk-on to pursue his dream: to compete on national TV as an American Ninja Warrior. The other contestants were more athletic, more experienced, and better prepared. The odds were simply not in Bull's favor. Instead of brute strength, Bull leveraged his creativity to do the unthinkable. Cannonball Alley, the eighth obstacle in the Ninja Warrior Finals, was a formidable ...
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How a 5 Minute Ritual Can Fuel Your Success

By Josh Linkner
You wake up in a fog and brush your teeth while still half asleep. Dread fills you as you prepare for another soul-crushing day. As you sit in endless traffic, anxiety consumes your thoughts. You worry about that upcoming meeting and anticipate the disappointment on your son's face when you'll arrive late to his ballgame this afternoon. After parking in the last spot, you slog through the rain, barely making it to the front door of your office building. The coffee pot is empty, the last ...
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Making a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. First Impression

By Adam Dovico
To succeed in life and careers, students need to be able to confidently communicate with people face-to-face. You're standing at your classroom door in the morning as students enter. One by one they pass you, many looking down or distracted, some texting, and others giving a simple grunt to acknowledge your existence. This is not an unfamiliar scene. Teachers at all levels have reported a stark decline in their students' ability to interact with others face-to-face in a technology-driven world. ...
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The Big Miss

By Sharyl Attkisson
First came the shock. Then came the awe. With half the campaign money of Hillary Clinton, President-elect Donald Trump defied Democrats, his own party, the media-- and nearly every prediction. We're calling it "The Big Miss." If the media mis-read America.. there's a reason for the disconnect. In the first post election poll, Full Measure and Rasmussen Reports asked: How much do you trust the media coverage this election cycle? Over two thirds said not so much. Only a third of those surveyed said they had -any- trust ...

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