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High Praise For Carey Lohrenz in The Huffington Post

By Carey Lohrenz
Meet corporate executive, former Naval Officer, F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy…and busy mother of four: Carey Lohrenz. She also happens to be the first female Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy to fly the F-14 and trained at the pre-Olympic level as a varsity rower in college. Carey then attended the Aviation Officer Candidate School before jumping head-first into the Navy. Over the years, Carey has shared her highly sought after expertise in leadership and diversity training with audiences of all shapes ...
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First - Have the Last Laugh

By Vince Poscente
The art of reinvention is NOT about starting with a market need. The path to reinvention starts with what YOUneed. More specifically, that 'juice' that gives you energy - is what the market is looking for. Think back to the television phenomenon,Seinfeld. With loyal viewers and a record setting finale, "What are you going to do to top this?" was Jerry Seinfeld's oft heard question. Immediately he knew he could not possibly supersedethe success of his show. He felt lost. How do you reinvent when you have ...
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Keni Thomas performs for the Institute of World Politics Silver Gala in Washington DC

By Keni Thomas
Left to Right: Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, USA (Ret.)18th Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency,KT McFarlandNational Security Analyst, FOX News, Sergeant Keni Thomas Since its founding, IWP has grown into the nation's premier graduate school dedicated to developing leaders with a sound understanding of internationalrealities and the ethical conduct of statecraft. In short, they arebuilding world leaders who are mentally alert, and ...
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I Don't Get Any Respect

By Dr. Kathleen Hall
I was enjoying a delicious late lunch at Roy's Restaurant at the Pebble Beach Resort when an uninvited guest landed on my table. I looked up and there stood a beautiful black bird staring at me. I laughed and asked her if there was anything I could do for her. She just tilted her head back and forth and seemed to communicate in some obscure bird language. Our silent communication was interrupted when my waiter started yelling and running at the bird. The bird flew off and the waiter began apologizing for the ...
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Lessons on "Ueber" Branding

By JP Kuehlwein
Some brands just have it. You know, that special something that makes consumers crave their products. This topic was on deck Tuesday, October 13, during a presentation by JP Kuehlwein, Executive Vice President of Frédéric Fekkai, and co-author of "Rethinking Prestige Branding Secrets of the Ueber-Brands."; Held at FIT's John E. Reeves Great Hall, JP zeroed in on the specific reasons "why some brands just seem to be made differently where people don't look at price."; After his presentation, a panel made up ...
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Stacy Allison brings Mt. Everest to PMI Global Congress

By Stacy Allison
Best-selling author and entrepreneur Stacy Allison has the kind of challenges that many never get to experience. By the age of twenty two, she had successfully summited Mount McKinley and Ama Dablam just one year after starting alpine climbing. Shortly after, Stacy became the first American woman to summit the tallest peak in the Russian Pamir Range! She then went on to becoming the first American woman to top the deadliest peak of them all: Mount Everest. During her first ...
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Visiting the Apple Store, I Mean the United Nations

By Dr. Kathleen Hall
I just left the Apple Store after taking a class in iMovie. Every time I leave that store I have immense creative energy and I feel deliriously happy, hopeful about the world, and decades younger. If someone could just package this Apple Store experience and sell it, I'd just say, "Send me a lifetime supply."; No matter where my mind or life is wandering when I enter the store there is an invisible door that requires I leave my worries and busy life behind. I walk into a world of ...
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Go Big or Go Home'? A New Book Says the Link Between Going All-In and Success Is B.S.

By Bonita Thompson
A discussion with experts on executive leadership Mark and Bonita Thompson Mark Thompsonhas worked side by side with three of the world's most legendary disruptive innovators: Steve Jobs, Charles Schwab and Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson. He brings insight from decades of experience with these great leaders and research on the culture of companies and brands that achieve the highest levels of employee engagement, customer loyalty and ...
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Former Apple CEO, John Sculley on 'Steve Jobs' movie portrayal

By John Sculley
Former Apple CEO and President/CEO of Pepsi John Sculley has long been a trailblazer in the business and corporate world. In addition to John's achievements as a marketing guru for Apple and Pepsi, he is also the brain behind the launch of the first Macintosh and various other multi-billion dollar companies. Actor Jeff Daniels portrays John in the feature film "Steve Jobs"; which reveals the story behind his friendship and professional relationship with Jobs. After a private ...
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From Self Doubt to Greatness - Fast

By Vince Poscente
No matter how much we invest in ourselves, we always have some measure of self-doubt. How does one say goodbye to the negative voice sitting on our right shoulder? Well, we couldn't think of anyone better to guide us, than Vince Poscente, the internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, founder of The Goal Acceleration Institute, and author of two of our favorite books:The Ant and the ElephantandThe Age of Speed. His specialty? Helping people achieve big goals in less time. We would like to share ...

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