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3 Things You Should Know About Reputation

By Jonathan Salem Baskin
Corporate reputations and brands are not the same things, and it's important to understand the difference. Reputations are the result of what people know about a business based on their judgements of its performance, gleaned through buying stuff, working there, owning stock, etc. It's the present value stakeholders assign to the meaning, believability and reliability of a company's future performance. Brand is what a business has promised, either in performance or associated emotional benefits. It's a ...
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How to Disrupt a Meeting

By Mike Walsh
As a futurist, I've attended thousands of events over the years. Some good, some bad--yet ironically, despite the fact that most meetings are focused on innovation, the basic format of the conference is relatively unchanged. But what if we took a more disruptive, data-driven approach? Data is a curious thing. As consumers, we have an inkling that our daily activities--what we buy, what we do, and where we go--are analyzed and acted upon. But somehow, when it comes to wrangling a herd of humans into a room, we ...
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7 Hacks to Make Your Conference Unforgettable

By Robert Richman
Hack 1: Send a Pre-Survey Everyone surveys afterward, but by then it's too late! Learn what people want before they come. In fact, at Zappos Insights we found that participants actually get more out of an event when they think in advance about what they want to get out of it. And they show up excited! Consider questions such as: What would make this an amazing experience? What are you most interested in learning? What was your favorite part of the last conference you attended? What do ...
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Attack of the Mean Mommy (beware the false hope-bearers)

By Constance Rhodes
This morning I googled "hope,";looking for the perfect image to accompany this post.Instead, I found myriad counterfeit hope-bearers - everything from pictures of stone angels to psychological diagrams to the well-intended"trust yourself"; types of inspo statements that are so ubiquitous today, particularly in recovery circles. Well intended, but not helpful.Not hopeful either. "Ifyou rest your hope in anything other than Jesus' return,"; my pastor said this Sunday, "you will ...
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Why "Everybody Just Get Along" Isn't a Good Long-term Strategy for a Healthy Family

By Paul White
In working with family-owned businesses for several years now, I've seen one pattern of relating that consistently doesn't work over the long term. In many families there is a mantra that dictates the family members' behavior, and that can carry over to the business as well. It is: "Now let's all just get along."; While the "just get along"; message sometimes is promoted by the patriarch, it is more often a core value for the matriarch. The focus on ...
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The Death of Comfortable

By Joanna Hyatt
Today we mourn a death. The death of Comfortable. HE CAME INTO OUR LIVES UNINVITED, SEEMING TO APPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE, ONLY TO BECOME A PERMANENT FIXTURE. A silvertongued easy-going intruder, he convinced us to hand over our relationships, our dreams, and our future in exchange for promises of stability, security, a life free from risk, and therefore, free from disappointment. Whenever we flirted with the idea of stepping out, breaking free, and reaching for something more than our current reality, Comfortable ...
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Fixing the Damage Done From Yelling at Your Kids

By Meg Meeker
Let's face it. We're all guilty of saying things to our kids that we'd give anything to take back. And worse, many of us have yelled nasty things too. So is there anything we can do to make up for hurting our kids this way? Yes. Let's take a look at how to make amends. Own the Guilt. One of the hardest things for a parent to do is admit to really hurting our children. It's easier to simply believe that our words didn't cut as deeply as they did. This is the worst thing you can do.Own ...
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What I Learned Backpacking Around the World

By Ida Abdalkhani
It's interesting how of my varied journeys and adventures in life-getting my MBA right after my undergraduate degrees (with no full-time work experience), going from corporate employee to entrepreneur, becoming a laughter yoga instructor, and even bungee jumping in Victoria Falls-the one thing that people most want to talk about is my backpacking trip around the world. I'm not sure what drives this curiosity in others. I've come to believe that it's a mixture of multiple emotions and ...
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The Greatest Enemy of Every Marriage

By Mark Merrill
What is the opposite of Love? If you saidHate, well, I hate to disagree with you, butI'm convinced that the opposite of love is reallyselfishness. And in marriage, selfishness often makes you the worst threat to your marriage. Consider these truths about selfishness: When selfishness has a seat at the dinner table, it always demands to be fed first. The human heart is naturally bent towards selfishness…it wants what it wants, now. Selfishness is a root problem. Most major problems at the root of ...
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Two easy ways to save money in your book promotion

By Maria Murnane
I've said countless times in this blog that if you want to get people to read your book, you have to give away a lot of copies. To reviewers. To bloggers. To the editor of your college alumni magazine. To the women in your yoga class. To the guy who cuts your hair. To the people you meet at Starbucks. Basically to anyone and everyone you think might like the book enough to spread the word about it. That can be a lot of books. But you have to do it! I always recommend giving away ...

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