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June 06, 2018
Live Inspired Vlog 177: Courage is a Decision
By John O'Leary
A Lesson on Dealing with Challenges The great Winston Churchill once said, “Fear is a reaction, but courage is a decision.” Perhaps no one demonstrates this truth better than my most recent Live ...
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June 05, 2018
Struggling With Depression? 8 Strategies You Need to Know
By Mel Robbins
If you or someone you love suffers from depression, this is a very important post for you to read or share. Depression is real. You aren't alone if you suffer from it and you need to ...
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June 05, 2018
How To Evaluate Worthwhile RFP Opportunities
By Ian Altman
Effective strategies to help you determine which business opportunities are worth your time, and which are not.
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June 04, 2018
What's Essential
By Dan Thurmon
When faced with a constraint, such as time or money, we are forced to determine: What’s essential? This video will help you to realize your true priorities and take action before the demand becomes critical.
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June 04, 2018
Write a Brave New Ending
By John O'Leary
Stop Blame-Shifting and Own Your Role "When we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending." – Brene Brown Hours after the mass school shooting in Santa Fe, the father of ...
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June 03, 2018
The Three Levers of Productivity (#3 May Surprise You)
By Josh Linkner
"Do more with less." "Boost your productive output." "Get more done, faster!" Messages around efficiency, productivity, and hard work are drilled into us from the first day of our ...
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June 01, 2018
Evidence-Based Nonpharmacologic Strategies for Comprehensive Pain Care
By Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier
Evidence-Based Nonpharmacologic Strategies for Comprehensive Pain Care originally published in Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing (2018)
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May 30, 2018
3 Reasons Why Mattering Is the Agenda, or Should Be!
By Angela Maiers
Reason #1:CHANGE A HEART. CHANGE A MIND. CHANGE A WORLD. WHY MAKE MATTERING THE AGENDA in your workplace, school, and local community? This is like asking, why to breathe air, drink ...
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May 30, 2018
Col. Nicole Malachowski, first woman Thunderbird pilot, available for fall keynotes
By Nicole Malachowski
A 21-year veteran of the United State Air Force, Nicole became the first woman pilot for the ThunderbirdsAir Demonstration Squadron.Nicoleflew with five ...

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