Troy Hazard

Troy Hazard, Virtual Presentation NSB, retail, franchise, customer service, customer loyalty, virtual event, virtual presentation Troy Hazard, Virtual Presentation NSB, retail, franchise, customer service, customer loyalty, virtual event, virtual presentation

Troy Hazard Speech Topics

Future-Proofing Your Business: Prepare Your Business for Tomorrow, Today
Troy Hazard had bought, grown and sold more companies before his 40th birthday than some business people would even consider in a lifetime. Troy’s real world experience is the foundation of this keynote presentation, his Amazon bestselling business book of the same title, and his National Network...
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Virtual Presentation
LEADING YOUR BUSINESS THROUGH THE CRISIS – A VIRTUAL VISION OF THE FUTURE It’s no secret, businesses are getting hammered right across the country. So many business owners and leaders are scrambling to find a way to deal with the ever-changing landscape of how we can do business. Like you, Troy...
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Stronger Together: Unlocking the Power of Unity in Your Business
Doing more with less, pushing harder for the same results, and asking your people to conquer an increasingly competitive market requires a cohesive team, working in a collaborative, constructive, and unified culture. Sounds easy…right? All too often business leaders talk about unity in the...
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Revenue Through Relationships: Developing Significant Customer Connection
In a world of connectivity, why is it that we sometimes fail to really ‘connect’ as humans? In our personal lives we all enjoy relationships that revolve around authenticity, honesty, openness, vulnerability, and respect. Yet in business we often treat the development of key relationships as a...
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Speed Leading: How to Become a Better Leader, FASTER
Leading people is tough, particularly in changing times. Everyone has an opinion on how to lead, and what makes a good leader. So, what is the best way to become a better leader, faster? Ask a leader of leaders. Troy Hazard is a business veteran with eleven companies he has founded, built and...
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Purpose, Passion, People and Profits
‘Guiding your business with clarity and vision to a more profitable future!’ What if you knew the ‘one thing’ that would show your business the path out of the GLOOM and into the BOOM? Serial entrepreneur Troy Hazard believes the answer is not found within something you seek, but more in...
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Embrace Evolution: Be the First to Change or Die!
It’s a fact - change is constant, change is inevitable, change is good…Unless, of course, it’s forced. As business leaders we’d all love to tell our team to Change or DIE! For many years this was the catch cry in Troy Hazard’s businesses - until he learned that the more effective way to...
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