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Business Productivity Close
Business productivity is a great topic to include in your sales presentations. Who doesn't want their staff members to be more productive? With some products such as software, increasing productivity is a given-after the learning curve has been completed with training. However, with other products, it may not be so obvious that they'll positivel...
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Your Level of Conviction
Are You Truly Convicted? What's your current level of conviction about your industry and theproducts you offer? Do you believe 100% in the industry you represent? How about the products you're offering? There's a maxim in the sales industry: "You can't sell from an empty wagon."; What does that saying mean to you? The idea it conveys is that ...
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The Myth of the Natural Salesperson
It's sad, but true, that many people think they can't do well in sales because of The Myth of the Natural Salesperson. This common fallacy is a destructive idea that I'd like to eliminate from your mind right now. Having trained more than fivemillion salespeople on five continents, I've met a lot of strong individuals who are on the fast track....
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