The Money Couple

The Money Couple

Authors of 'First Comes Love, Then Comes Money'

About The Money Couple

Peel back the layers and learn how you're hard-wired to be successful with your money. Uncover this critical information through laughter, while learning to improve your balance sheet and your bedroom.

Learn the unique way The Money Couple helps individuals and couples improve their relationship with money and each other.

Reaching 600,000 viewers in 22 major markets, 1.2M readers in 10 national magazines, 8,000 clients in 48 states and 32 countries, a successful team for over 20 years, ...

I keep reminding couples that challenges such as financial problems should be met by turning 'to' each other, and not by turning 'on' each other. This book goes a long way to helping couples become a team.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Internationally Syndicated Radio Talk Host

Of the guests we've booked so far this year, the Palmers were the best. We look forward to a return visit. Their energy, tag-team interview approach and of course information was right on point.

Ramona - The Satisfied Life

The Palmers shine a bright and much needed light on the biggest problem most couples face: money. Packed with easy-to-use tools, this book will help you assess and dramatically improve the health of your financial and intimate relationships.

Brent Kessel, CFP - Author of It's Not About the Money

What a refreshing energy and stage presence! The couples attending laughed a lot in response to the Palmer's wit and picturesque story-telling. This dimension of interest is similar to what color TV does (vs. black & white) in adding nuances and textures.

Lavern Nissley - Executive Director - Marriage Resource Center - Springfield, OH
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