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His insights and story from rising up through the ranks of the corporate world to become the CEO of a Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway company is impressive. And his transition then into his true path as an entrepreneur is quite a feat that he did with grace and gusto. His writings and speaking will surely help many get better at what they do, or help them find their true path if they are still searching.
Mark Thompson, Former Chief of Staff - Charles Schwab
Steve is an excellent communicator. He is gifted in his ability to inspire the people who work with him. He is also a person with a deep sense of values. Along with doing a great job in his profession, Steve has a deep dedication to the community. He has gone out of his way to speak at our college (the students love him) and has mentored several students out of the goodness of his heart. If you are looking for a leader, Steve Rogers is a great person to consider. His unique combination of business savvy and interpersonal skills will be hard to top.
Marshall Goldsmith - The Marshall Goldsmith Group
Steve is a true professional, a principled and honest man, a great leader and speaker. He has been an inspiration to me for many, many years and to hear him speak is to understand his outstanding connection with his audience, his passion, and his ideals.
Lisa Cooper, President - The Cooper Company
Lead to Gold is Priceless. It reveals the trade secrets of how to transition and transform your life to your advantage. Steve Rodgers walks his talk. I have witnessed him transform his health, mind body and soul to the highest levels of performance. Steve Rodgers and his work is inspirational for all looking to expand their business and personal quality of life. Don't miss out, get on board with Lead to Gold.
Barnet Meltzer, M.D. - Diplomate American Board of Family Practice
Many people have stories of success, transformation, and hardship, but rarely are they able to share their wisdom with such integrity and candor. Steve does this effortlessly. I would like to recommend Steve as an excellent candidate for major speaking engagements. He consistently provides invaluable expertise in addition to an incredible level of self-understanding, which makes for a unique and relatable conversation.
Julia Keinhans, Guest Coordinator - Interview Connections
Steve is inspiring, enthusiastic, and an awesomely authentic speaker. Steve spoke at the 2017 Rotary International District 3830 Conference where over 3,300 Rotarians from major cities in Metropolitan Manila in the Philippines operate from. The district covers Makati City, Taguig City, Pateros, Paranaque City, Muntinlupa City, Las Pinas City and the province of Palawan; all important economic centers driving the growth of the country . He was an effective and engaging speaker and the participants were moved by his sharing of his true-to-life stories that connected him to the crowd. The Rotarians from our district are accomplished and experienced leaders from various industries who find fulfillment by sharing their time, talent, and treasure to make a difference to the lives of people in the communities they work with . The conference included a sizable delegation composed of community and civic leaders whose associations are rotary's partners in service. Steve listened intently to the questions raised at the Q&A and sensitively shared his very practical, straightforward insights that demonstrated his thought leadership. The annual conference is the most important occasion of every rotary district and it offers a great opportunity for Rotarians and their partners in service to gather for fellowship and to learn from each other. Through this event, it is hoped to inspire, and, in the process, renews everyone's commitment to the often difficult task of balancing one's personal life and business life with Rotary style public service. Steve did just that. Hearing from thought leaders is a very important component that rotary requires for the event. It is truly a gift to have heard and learned this year from such a grounded and truly motivational speaker like Steve Rodgers. The crowd simply loved him.
Edna Sutter, Governor - Rotary International District 3830
Our heartfelt thanks to you for generously sharing your knowledge and giving emphasis not only on the need to be competent, organized, conquering our fears but also valuing relationships. Your amazing passion to create an impact by helping us master ourselves, taking interest in adding value to ourselves, improving our career trajectory though continuous learning improvement of ourselves and others gives us a clearer direction of living a more purposeful life. I appreciate that you have incorporated our sense of responsibility for other people and how improving our character and attitude (esp. humility and being forgiving) will consequently keep us focused in our servant leadership. In the meantime, we take the accountability of creating an impact, while we pray for your continued journey to success. Thank you for being a wonderful blessing to all of us.
Elvi Sanchez-Quiazon, President - Rotary Club Muntinlupa North
thank you - you wowed us and had us in aweThank you so much for your time, your generosity and your engagement with our recent property management leadership summit ALPPPS held in Australia. Oh, and I should also mention, thank you for your amazing presentation. I observed the audience and they were in awe and totally immersed in your presentation. We had so much wonderful feedback from the delegates after your presentation. They want you back. We want you back. You shared your incredible journey and gave life to your presentation. Your presentation style took us back to the time of your life you took us back too. In fact, it felt as if we were right there with you at the time it all happened. You also provided the delegates with resources and tools to support the delegates with implementation of leadership strategies. They not only walked away feeling inspired, they were empowered, which was the objective of our leadership summit. We are also very grateful for your generosity to our charity for indigenous youth in donating your book to raise funds for this cause. On top of all that, you are real, authentic and completely immersed yourself in the summit and with the delegates and for that we are sincerely grateful. Thank you, Steve. I would have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending you as a keynote speaker for any style of conference or convention. You nailed it! You are one of the best.
Jo-Anne Oliveri, Managing Director - ireviloution
If you are looking for a passionate, inspiring and transformational speaker for your next event, Steve Rodgers is your man. We've had Steve speak at two events and both times our audiences gave him raving reviews. The results Steve has achieved over his illustrious career establish an authority that gains instant respect and his approachability and humility creates instant connection and endears him to the audience. His real world lessons can be applied universally and gave our audience actionable improvements they can make immediately.
Brandon Barnum, President -
Your address was well received and appreciated by one and all. It seems everyone I talk to wants me to express their happiness for your inspiring presentation. We enjoyed every bit of your speech as your ability to present the subject in such an interesting way produced one of the most memorable days in the history of the Rotary Institute. I personally appreciate your approach to anticipating user's intents. The subject intrigues me, and we learnt more. We are grateful for the time and effort you took to share your thoughts and experiences with our audience. We were pleased to have your presentation in this Rotary Institute, and we thank you for your valuable contribution.
R. Rajaram, Chair - Programs Committee