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When the Bottom Line isn’t enough
Stephen Lewis kicks off this event with a fresh perspective on global issues and a frontal challenge to the myths of globalization. Drawing upon his extensive political and international experience, Mr. Lewis will explore the role of leadership in promoting a different set of economic and social...
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Local Impact
Universities are, first and foremost, centres of academic excellence and academic inquiry. But if they are to be relevant to the modern world, they must understand the nature of community, especially the community of which they are a part, and understand, increasingly, that they have obligations...
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Education: The World’s Greatest Force For Good
Mr. Lewis, using the themes of the conference, will explore the way in which education, throughout the world, transforms the lives children lead, and is perhaps the greatest, unacknowledged instrument we have for dramatic social change.
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The Power of Community: Creating Positive Environments
Mr. Lewis will speak on the importance of community in the lives of children, focusing on leadership, accountability, health and education in both a national and international context. Mr. Lewis will examine the concept of peace as something far more fundamental than the absence of war, and in so...
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Human Rights Gone Wrong: A pattern of world indifference
Stephen Lewis will examine the problem from global and local perspectives, with an emphasis on social and economic rights.
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Climate Change
In 1988, Stephen Lewis chaired the first international conference on Climate Change, which drafted the first comprehensive policy on global warming. Two decades have passed since the political leaders, ambassadors, scientists and environmental activists joined Stephen in declaring what remains...
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