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After 20 years I was not looking forward to being "motivated" again. But Stephen Peters was able to touch my spirit and truly inspire me, I can't wait for Monday. All teachers and administrators need to hear his message. It's AMAZING!
Loudoun County Public Schools
Dynamic! Mr. Peters relates well to his audience and shows tremendous compassion for all students. His message is very invigorating and brings a focus to doing everything possible for the youth in schools today.
Ed Mashburn - National Principal of the Year
I would like for you to know how inspired I was by your presentation. We need to raise the bar on how we raise or should I say how we are raising our children . . . Things will never change if we continue to sit back and do nothing.
Lisa Smith - Walton Career Academy
Thank you, Mr. Peters, for being "real." What a profound message. Yes, I'm inspired to make it happen for the students who have been entrusted Into my care.
Loretta Marshall-Johnson - Atha Road Elementary School
I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to pursue this career. You have been blessed with an amazing gift and I consider myself fortunate to not only meet you but to have had the opportunity to learn.
John H. Clendaniel, Asstant Principal - Orange Grove Elementary Charter School
On behalf of the Georgia School Boards Association, thank you for your inspiring presentation at our recent annual conference. We've had so many positive comments about your message. Thank you for helping make this one of our best conferences ever.
Tony Arasi- Director of Professional Development - Georgia School Boards Association
Our faculty, students and staff are still raving over the inspiration, encouragement and challenge you presented to us on yesterday. Thank you so much for what you do and for who you are to the profession, to people and the gift to the world!
Russell Hughes
I've been in the audience at several of your presentations, most recently last year in Chicago at the Alternate Certification Conference. You consistently provide excellent professional learning and genuinely motivating sessions. Thank you for your work.
Dr. Mark Wilson - Education Leadership Group