Steph Davis

Steph Davis free solo, alex hanold, mountain climber, rock climber Steph Davis free solo, alex hanold, mountain climber, rock climber

Steph Davis Speech Topics


Embracing Change, Managing Risk and Fear.

In today’s ever changing world, businesses and individuals are faced with a constant stream of information, choices and change. The traditional pathways to success are also changing, as are perceptions of risk, sustainability and achievement.


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Collaborating With Fear

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable: learning to rename fear and use it to move forward.

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Extreme Risk Management

Lessons from the most high commitment sports: free solo climbing and wingsuit BASE jumping: how you can manage risk, deal with loss and embrace growth through discipline and calculated risk.

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Going From Impossible to Possible

Learning to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses with honesty in order to go to the next level when the time is right. Achieve huge goals, step by step, through assessment, preparation, training and mental attitude.

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Change and Transformation

Why you need crisis: how to adapt to it, how to rename it and how to grow from it.

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Plant Based Power

How a whole foods diet took my climbing to the next level and how you can improve your health and your athletic and professional performance.

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Personal Sustainability

Create a foundation of inner strength and balance through small, daily choices that have a ripple effect on your community, relationships and personal happiness.

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