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Helping people navigate the complexities of human weirdness

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Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas invests his life in helping a variety of organizations build leadership, develop people and create team. To put it simply, he helps people navigate through the complexities of human weirdness. He genuinely wants to see people live better lives and has a passion to develop people to get the most out of their leadership. It is not secret that great people make great organizations. While some start with tips and techniques to solve the problems that we see, Steve digs below the surface to challenge the deep issues we sometimes don’t see. Convinced that leadership drives the workplace culture and the culture drives everything else, he challenges current thinking and belief systems to bring about change…and fun! In fact, part of his mission…make work culture more fun! Steve also coaches football and lives in Springfield, Illinois with his wife, Debbie. She works in education doing almost the same thing he does, except she is way better at it than he is!

Steve Thomas
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Culture is as Leadership Does!

The culture of any organization, from a large company to a small family, is what makes that organization effective. It has impact on everything we do, everything we are and everything we become. Yet it is the one thing we seem to have the toughest time building and maintaining. Culture is defined by the individuals on your team…their personalities, their values, and their weirdness. Let’s talk about how to create a culture in which people can come to work and be the best version of themselves, which, incidentally, is the goal of leadership.

Unstuck Teams

In this session will discuss the challenges faced in sustaining a successful leadership-centered culture within your company. You’ll learn about the six cycles that all people, teams and organizations go through in getting “stuck,” and how to recognize and navigate that space. Steve will then teach you ways to prevent getting “stuck” through engaging your team, staying connected and building leaders. You'll leave with a greater understanding of the principles and best practices that every high-performing organization has mastered, leading to an enhanced level of morale, better productivity, and lower turnover within your organization.

Understanding Weird People

Leading your team to sustained success has never been more important. In addition to client challenges, you must also manage differing personalities and the difficulties that technology can impose on personal relationships. The common thread to achieving success in all these areas is connection. In this unconventional session, Steve will teach you how to understand what makes people so different as well as how to navigate through the complexities of human weirdness. Taking it another step further, you’ll also learn simple ways to serve and lead your team effectively, and how to get everyone to take on a leadership role. You're sure to leave with new insight on what leadership truly is and how you can make profound impact with your most valuable resource – your people.

Default People Mode

Leadership in its simplest form is influence and it is how we steward that influence that makes our leadership effective or not. It is how we navigate through the complexities of human weirdness to “accomplish our goal with people.” In this unconventional session, we will talk about that common thread that runs through all effective leaders that enables them to accomplish great things with, in and through people. You will be challenged to rethink the steps it takes to lead effectively.

Steve Thomas
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Steve Thomas

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