Stephen Frost | Head of Diversity & Inclusion London Olympics, Former Head of Diversity & Inclusion at KPMG , Advisor to the British Government

Stephen Frost

Head of Diversity & Inclusion London Olympics, Former Head of Diversity & Inclusion at KPMG , Advisor to the British Government

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Stephen Frost

Stephen leads Frost Included, an Inclusive Leadership practice.

He served as Head of Diversity and Inclusion for KPMG and continues as a strategic advisor to the firm and its clients. Steve was also Head of Diversity and Inclusion for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and established the Stonewall workplace programs. He teaches at Harvard Business School and Sciences Po and is an advisor to the British government, KPMG, the International Paralympic Committee and several other organizations.

He is a Visiting Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum and Fellows of the Royal Society of Arts and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. He is author of The Inclusion Imperative (Kogan Page, 2014) and Inclusive Talent Management (Kogan Page, July 2016).

Stephen Frost
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Stephen Frost
Featured Keynote Programs

Diversity to a Deadline
How We Created Everyone’s London 2012 Olympic Games

The 2012 London Games are recognized as the most diverse, inclusive and successful ever. As Head of Diversity & Inclusion at the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Ltd., Stephen Frost was responsible for incorporating diversity and inclusion across the 200,000 person workforce, volunteers and contractors, as well as in the $2 billion procurement program and all aspects of service delivery. Stephen will share how diversity and inclusion were embedded in 57 departments, 134 venues and 8,000 torchbearers and resulted in reduced recruitment costs and contributed to supply chain savings of over $150 million.

Real Inclusion
Courage, Creativity and Talent

Many organizations have talented Diversity Officers and operate Diversity 101 programs; however, they may find to get the most out of their program they need to upgrade to inclusion 3.0. Diversity is great, but so is bringing differences together in one team, and often this second imperative is forgotten in the pursuit of the former. Without inclusion, diversity can fail. Stephen offers a powerful, humorous and compelling argument for inclusion, based on empirical evidence from around the world combined with the latest Harvard research. It is a thought provoking, challenging and informative opportunity to refresh the believers and convert the currently unconvinced to Real Inclusion!

Real Leadership
Facing up to Failure

In corporate life, there can be a constant, sometimes overwhelming pressure to demonstrate perfection and be seen as successful. Yet research and empirical case study evidence shows us that we often learn most when we fail. Furthermore, without permission to fail, we may never take the risks essential to allow us to succeed in the future – and consequently inhibit our future development. Real Leadership is about finding the courage to take risks personally and to develop a team environment that encourages strategic risk-taking. Not blind courage. It’s about courage coupled with creativity and strategy. This presentation explores the principles of real leadership – principles that any one, at any level, can exercise any day of the week.

Stop Apologizing, Start Leading
A Call to Action for LGBT Employees

As any gay person knows, coming out is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do in life. Coming out is not a one-off event, it is a constant process. It is a situation LGBT people face with every new job, every new boss and every new client. Often, this places LGBT people at a disadvantage in the professional environment. How do you navigate a diversity of reactions, including negative reactions from clients? Questions straight people take for granted can cause additional stress, anxiety and effort for LGBT people, and divert effort away from the day job. However, not only can this potential disadvantage be neutralized; it can actually be turned into a net benefit for the individual and for the organization as a whole. Using powerful theory and compelling case studies, Stephen can support, inform and inspire your LGBT staff to step up, lead and make an enhanced contribution to their careers and your organization.

Stephen Frost
Featured Books

The Inclusion Imperative
by Stephen Frost

The Inclusion Imperative

by Stephen Frost
Inclusive Talentby Stephen Frost

Inclusive Talent

by Stephen Frost

Stephen Frost
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