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Ryan Day

Head Coach, Ohio State

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Ryan Day

Heading into his sixth season as head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes, Ryan Day led Ohio’s powerhouse team to an extraordinary record of 34-4 in his first three seasons, including 23 consecutive wins. Not only did Day make an immediate and impressive impact on the Buckeyes, but he became the first coach in Ohio State history to win two Big Ten championships within his first two years with the team. He was named first-year Coach of the Year by the Football Writers Association of America, as well as Big Ten Conference Coach of the Year in his first year as head coach: titles no other Ohio State coach had won in 40 years. Known for his strategic play-calling and ability to develop quarterbacks, Day has earned praise from players, fellow coaches, and fans alike. Under his leadership, the Buckeyes have remained a dominant force in college football, competing at the highest level. 

Coach Day’s football resume spans much wider than his head coaching experience at Ohio State; he began his coaching in 2002 at the University of New Hampshire after playing wide receiver and quarterback for the Wildcats from 1998 to 2001. Day then continued his football career with various coaching positions at The University of Florida, Temple University, and Boston College before becoming a Quarterbacks Coach in the NFL for the Philadelphia Eagles (2015) and the San Francisco 49ers (2016).

Ryan Day's dedication to the sport, his football acumen, and his leadership qualities have made him a highly respected figure in the coaching world. Aside from his second-to-none coaching skills, Day is an energizing speaker that lights up any room he walks into. Coach Day’s ability to captivate his audience has transformed into soundbites, from various speeches he’s given in the locker room, that have consequently become hype videos for Ohio State.

Outside of football, Ryan is extremely passionate about mental health and advocates for not only the athletes on his team but students across the country as well. His father passed from suicide when he was nine years old: something Ryan has only recently made public. Since sharing, Ryan and his wife Nina have made it their mission to combat the stigma surrounding speaking about mental health and have partnered with multiple philanthropic organizations to make suicide prevention and mental health awareness a more open conversation.

Ryan Day
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Current: Ryan Day Introduced as New Head Coach of Ohio State Football | Big Ten Football

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Ryan Day Introduced as New Head Coach of Ohio State Football | Big Ten Football
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Ryan Day

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