Rick and Bubba Celebrate 20th Year Together

SYNDICATED SOLUTIONS, INC.'s popular national morning program, THE RICK & BUBBA SHOW, is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. On JAN. 8th, 1994, the “Two Sexiest Fat Men Alive,” RICK BURGESS and BILL “BUBBA” BUSSEY, began their on-air partnership that now has over 60 radio affiliates, over 50 television affiliates via TNN/HEARTLAND NETWORK, and can be accessed via UStream.TV, a 24/7 TUNEIN channel, online streaming, iHEARTRADIO, Xtreme Club, a mobile app experience, and a very potent and successful social media platform.

To celebrate their 20th year together, BURGESS and BUSSEY -- along with CALVIN “SPEEDY” WILBURN, “THE REAL” GREG BURGESS, MICHAEL “HELMSEY” HELMS, CHRIS “EDDIE VAN” ADLER, past/present show interns, and related show contributors -- will be performing live before sellout crowds during at least five special one-night only events in concert halls/theaters in select cities beginning in May.  All behind-the-scenes and on-stage activities will be video recorded so excerpts can be shared during THE RICK & BUBBA SHOW television/radio broadcast, and a full 20th Anniversary documentary will be available later in 2014.

“Congratulations RICK and BUBBA," SSI Pres. BOB CAREY said. "I am so proud of what you’ve accomplished all these years and the special relationship that we share.  Although we’ve been business partners for just nine of your twenty years on-air together, THE RICK & BUBBA SHOW continues to evolve and gets better day-after-day, which is a testament to you both never taking your successes for granted or never stopping to work hard and improve upon yesterday.  Radio, TV, online, books, magazine articles, your restaurant, so many public speaking engagements and interviews….you’ve created a fiercely loyal following and a successful brand that clearly stands for honesty, values, hard work, accessibility and fun.  I know you understand how blessed you both are -- and I applaud that you never take the audience or your success for granted.  Congratulations guys -- and onwards to the next RICK & BUBBA milestones.

“This is RICK and our show ended in 1996." BURGESS commented  "Who is using our names?  Oh right, it can’t be over because my house is financed for 30 years!  Seriously, what’s funny is most “experts” said THE RICK & BUBBA SHOW wouldn’t be on the air for 20 days and here we are 20 years. I’m not sure what that says about the “experts” or our audience.”

“Twenty years?" BUSSEY added. "Who are RICK and BUBBA?  I thought it was 19! Twenty years on-air?  I thought this was a podcast.  I guess this is what happens when you have cable?  We are so grateful for all that’s happened from the show these past 20 years, and we’re most thankful for our audience, our affiliates and our sponsors because none of it would be possible without their incredible support.”

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Source: All Access Music Group

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