Philippe Petit | Subject of the Academy-Award winning MAN ON WIR

Philippe Petit

Subject of the Academy-Award winning MAN ON WIR

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Philippe Petit

Subject of the Academy-Award winning MAN ON WIRE, Philippe Petit has come down to earth for one special evening to share with the audience stories from his life as a creator and performer.

On stage Philippe will reveal how he taught himself magic, juggling and the high wire. Mixing tales with drawings, demonstrations and even magic tricks, he will share his experience as a pickpocket, writer, barn builder, bullfighter and engineer. Philippe will attack subjects as diverse as passion, tenacity, motivation, intuition, faith and mistakes!

During the evening's encounter Philippe will draw from his street performance with a juggling demonstration that invites the audience into the backstage secrets of this unique artist.

Philippe will then offer his singular point of view on problem solving and creativity in the most unusual and lively manner filling drawing boards with sketches and acting out scenes. He will address why often the best solutions are the most simple and elegant; how to deal with legends and miracles; and why surprising yourself, playing and even sleeping can be vehicles of invention

Philippe will conclude the evening by confronting the idea of achieving the impossible and by reliving one of his most awe-inspiring moments on the high wire.

The audience will go home rejuvenated and inspired by their encounter with this multi-talented artist, a true Renaissance Man!

Philippe Petit
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Philippe Petit
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Philippe Petit

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