Patti Leviton | The uses of Guided Imagery to Heal body/mind/spiritl

Patti Leviton

The uses of Guided Imagery to Heal body/mind/spiritl

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Patti Leviton

Patti Leviton, M.A., CHT, has 20 years experience with Guided Imagery. A former stockbroker and trader, Patti had a miraculous healing from cancer over fifteen years ago and now devotes herself full time as a Certified Hypnotherapist, working with numerous cancer groups, women's support groups and weekend seminars with her husband, Dr. Leviton.

A popular and entertaining speaker, she has presented her story at international conferences and seminars. She is a board member of The American Holistic Health Association, and runs ongoing guided imagery groups for Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, CA. Patti has written a book about her healing journey entitled "The Miracle of Words" and together with her husband, has co-authored a book about using imagery in relationships, "The Conflict Between Us is the Conflict Within Me", as well as "Inner Peace Outward Power", a book and 2-CD set of guided imageries designed to be used with the 12 Steps to Recovery.

Patti also has a complete library of imagery CDs to be used for pre and post surgery, cancer, relaxation, weight loss, healing children and many other specific issues.

Together with her husband, they are co-founders of SYNERGY SEMINARS, an organization licensed to train both professional and laypeople to become Guided Imagery Therapists.

Patti Leviton
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Programs include:

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The Body-Mind Connections for Healing

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Training the Process of Guided Imagery to Healing Body/Mind/Spirit

Patti Leviton
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Patti Leviton

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