Nick Clooney Speaks at Nashville Organization for Constitution Education

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On Tuesday, August 19, Nick Clooney [pictured left] spoke at OZ Nashville about why he has joined forces with 917 Society, a non-profit organization dedicated the educating the youth on the meaning and importance of the U.S. Constitution

Carrying a personal copy of the US Constitution wherever he goes, Nick Clooney — American journalist — believes 8th grade students must better understand the Constitution’s importance to a strong nation and that’s why he is coming to Nashville to participate in the 917 Society’s short film which is being produced for viewing on Wednesday, September 17, Constitution Day, across Tennessee by 8th grade students studying civics. Clooney and 917 Society Director/Founder Joni Bryan intend to improve students’ appreciation for the role the Constitution plays in American government.

The Constitution begins with “We the people,” allowing all citizens, rich and poor, to have equal freedom and boundaries. Something this vital should be memorized and immortalized by every American, and yet, how many have even read it? One of our forefathers, Thomas Jefferson, said, “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.” If we don’t know what our Constitution says, how can we, the people, still be trusted?

It is with this crisis in mind that 917 Society, a new non-profit, is being launched this month by Bryan, and vice president Jeffrey Humble. The name “917 Society” refers to the actual date of Constitution Day — September 17.  The 917 Society is committed to providing the resources public school teachers need to make this one of the most important days and times of the year.

Along with the short film (produced by Rob Cheplicki), the organization will be launching an interactive website and mobile app to continually educate and empower youth, and intends to give a copy of the Constitution to every 8th grader in the country, starting with Tennessee.

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About 917 Society

The 917 Society is a non-profit organization dedicated the educating the youth on the meaning and importance of the U.S. Constitution. Through the generous support of Nick Clooney and others who have helped promote the organization, the 917 Society created a documentary, website and Pocket Constitutions for school students that highlights the relevancy and impact of the U.S. Constitution. Nick Clooney narrated the film and the program is available to all Tennessee teachers and students just in time for Constitution Day, September 17. The non-profit's goal is to expand into other states and within five years provide 4.5 million Pocket Constitutions each year - one to every eight grade student in the United States.

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