Michelle Correia Templin | Author, President, Get Smart Training, Inc.

Michelle Correia Templin

Author, President, Get Smart Training, Inc.

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Michelle Correia Templin

Michelle Correia Templin is a renowned author, speaker, and business consultant. For over twenty years, Michelle has been designing and conducting high-energy training workshops and keynote presentations that motivate and inspire attendees.

Michelle Correia Templin is the author of Selling It Right! Getting Result with Integrity and Five Star Teamwork published by The Walk the Talk Company.

Michelle is President of Get Smart Training, Inc. A California based, learning organization with a focus on Leadership, Communication, Accountability and Teamwork.

Ms. Correia Templin is the Nationwide Speaker for The Walk the Talk Company and Senior Facilitator for Spencer Johnson Partners. She has been presenting The Cheese Experience since its inception and has certified hundreds of training professionals worldwide on the topics of Leadership and Change.

Michelle has worked with many renowned authors including, Dr Spencer Johnson, author of Who Moved My Cheese?, Dr Stephen Covey author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and Dr Robert Cooper, author of The Other 90%,

Michelle's clients include Microsoft, UCLA, Hewllet Packard, Cisco, Wells Fargo Bank, the Veteran's Administration and many more.

Michelle is a member of the San Diego Leadership Initiative. She is a frequent guest of KFMB Smart Investing Radio Show in San Diego. She resides in La Costa, California with her husband and three children.

Michelle Correia Templin
Featured Keynote Programs

When the Going Gets Tough… Moving through Adversity

60-90 minute keynote

All of us enjoy the sense of pride that comes during a successful phase of our life. Seasons of abundance produce feelings of confidence and satisfaction. However, what we don’t always realize is that our ability to succeed is made possible due to the strength and discipline we developed overcoming challenges during difficult times. It is during the storm that we develop character, patience, resilience and self-motivation.

During this tough economic season, many organizations are wondering how to motivate their employees to bring their best attitude to work each and every day. Michelle’s inspiring keynote presentation will provide us with tried and true strategies for overcoming life’s challenges. By changing our internal perspective we can alter our actions and ultimately create a more successful outcome!

Participants will learn the following…

-Recognize what is going well and the need to focus on abundance
-The power of maintaining realistic optimism
-Find comfort in discomfort
-Increase abilities to anticipate obstacles
-Take ownership for future success – No Victims Allowed!

Welcome Change!

60-90 minute keynote

Changes in the economy, technology, and customer expectations are normal business progressions. Yet many of us would prefer for things to remain the same. People avoid change because of fear. Individuals learn to overcome these fears and embrace new challenges and therefore experience success more often!

We focus on reshaping attitudes towards change and help participants view change as opportunity to thrive!

Participants will learn the following…

-Attitudes towards change have a direct impact on success
-View change as opportunity
-Adapting to change is an emotional choice
-Recognize the stages of change and how to move through it
-Understand the advantages of proactive change

Additional Keynote Topics

All Keynote Presentations are customized to the needs of the specific group.

Keynote presentations are typically designed as 60-90 minutes sessions.

-Five Star Teamwork
-The Leadership Secrets of Santa Clause
-Selling It Right! Getting Results with Integrity*
-Results through Accountability
-Taking Charge of Change*
-Communication…It’s a Two Way Street!
-Who Moved My Cheese?*
-Making a Difference through Leadership

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Michelle Correia Templin

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