What Women Should Know About Self-Assurance


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Why is it that women feel they need 100% of a skill set to apply for a job while men will jump in with 60%?
Why, when graduate students were recently asked what they deserved to earn five years after graduation, did women say $64,000, while the men said $80,000?
Why are women so risk-averse while men leap in and fail faster?
The difference is confidence.  It’s life’s enabler and turns thoughts into action. There are some surprising reasons, based in science, as to why women are more prone to lack confidence. In spite of that, the good news is that confidence is a choice.  
Katty Kay (and her co-author Claire Shipman) wrote "The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance – What Women Should Know."  Just out today seeks help women understand what confidence is and how to get it.

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Source: CBS


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