John Foley | 'Glad To Be Here' at Premiere

Over the course of his life, John Foley has accrued thousands of hours in the cockpit of F/18 jets under his belt as both an instructor pilot for The Marines and lead solo pilot for the Blue Angels squadron. One thing that sets his career apart from other pilots is the opportunity to do some on-camera flying in the iconic movie Top Gun

"John’s personal path to High Performance began as a child, when he stood alongside his father at an air show featuring the Blue Angels. From that moment, John knew deep in his heart that someday he’d be carving up the skies as a member of the Blues. Eventually, he lived that dream, but getting there wasn’t easy. In fact, John’s journey from an awe-struck child at an air show to the cockpit of the Blue Angels’ F/A-18 Hornet is a study in persistence, hard work and the will to overcome obstacles and setbacks."
- John Foley Inc.


(Left to Right: Brian Lord, Aaron Gray, Brandon Edmonson, John Foley, Shawn Hanks, Carl Ware, Ryan Giffen)

A couple of our agents had the privilege of chatting with him about his experiences when he stopped by our office for an interview! John is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Stanford Graduate School of Business and Naval War College with a Master’s from each institution. In addition to his impressive academic accomplishments, his high energy and enthusiasm naturally draws an audience in! This is exactly why John gives between 60-100 keynote presentations every year...all while running his own company and foundation. He is Founder and President of CenterPoint Companies which provides performance training to numerous Fortune 500 companies. The Glad To Be Here Foundation is a non-profit branch which serves as a means for John Foley Inc. to give back to many incredibly important causes. Over 25 different charities have been supported by the efforts behind the Glad To Be Here Foundation so far! 

"The Glad to Be Here Foundation is our non-profit arm, and through it we provide funds for worthy organizations and charities all over the world. We work with each client to direct 10% of our fees to charitable causes, in order to make the difference we want to see in the world.

We hope you too can take deep joy in knowing that for every one of these stories, there are children, mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers and entire communities of people reaching their hopes and dreams thanks to the work we do together."

John Foley: Worldwide Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author, Corporate Trainer, Former Lead Solo Pilot for the Blue Angels, Stanford Fellow, "Mindset Master," Podcast Host

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