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Fahd Alhattab

Fahd Alhattab is an award-winning leadership speaker, coach, and consultant. Using humor, storytelling, and actionable advice, Fahd will inspire audiences to become leaders who build teams that last.

Fahd's path to leadership began with philanthropy. Compelled by his background as an at-risk immigrant from a low-income family, he raised over $1M for local charities, founded a camp for underprivileged children, and was awarded Canada's Top 20 Under 20 Award for his dedication to the community.

On the pursuit of entrepreneurship, Fahd served two terms as President of Carleton University Students' Association where he represented more than 25K students, managed a team of 150 staff, and oversaw the allocation of a $9M budget.

During his Presidency, Fahd launched a student entrepreneurship center that has since founded +50 student startups and raised more than +$300K in seed capital. This catapulted him to develop a mobile tech startup where he raised +$70K in a crowdfunding campaign.

Built on thirteen years of experience building successful teams, Fahd identified the tried and true ingredient that set high performing teams apart from competitors -- they had leaders who prioritized team performance over individual success. He named them Unicorn Leaders.

Delivered through captivating and actionable keynotes, Fahd now retrains managers to become architects of effective teams through his principle of Unicorn Leadership.

Fahd has spoken to +50K people across North America on leadership and been named Rising Star Speaker and Most Entertaining Speaker by the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

Working alongside his team at Unicorn Labs, Fahd is committed to giving start-up founders the leadership skills to build Unicorn companies. He delivers team-building retreats and customized training programs that upgrade staff and start-up managers into self-driven leaders.

Fahd Alhattab
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Fahd Alhattab
Featured Keynote Programs

Unlock Your Leaders’ Potential & Build High-Performing Culture
Reignite Your Leaders to Build a High-Performing Culture for the Future of Work

Your managers hold the key to 70% of employee engagement; making their leadership capacity the cap on your organization’s growth.

Gone are the days when vision-setting was solely in the hands of the C-suite. It’s the managers and their teams who navigate the execution, tackling challenges like turnover, disengagement, and the demands of a dynamic hybrid workforce. So when organizations are looking high and low for the missing piece in their organizational culture that they believe will lead them to the constantly elusive destination of success, they are usually overlooking the key hidden in plain sight. 

What is it?: Elevating the ratio of extraordinary to lousy managers.

Amid the battle for top talent, managers embody the untapped potential to bridge the gaps in recruitment, retention, and engagement. By transforming managers into visionary leaders who thrive in times of industry change, investing in leadership development becomes your organization’s most impactful investment, maximizing the untapped potential within your talent pool.

In this electrifying keynote, attendees will dive into the six levels of high-performing teams and discover concrete strategies for empowering themselves to become exceptional leaders who forge unstoppable teams.

Get ready to ignite a leadership revolution and cultivate a future-ready culture of unparalleled success.

The audience will learn:
A scalable, systemized way of creating high-performance teams
How to access the leadership potential of your managers
To understand the psychology behind team dynamics - and how to use it to your advantage
How to eliminate your office politics
How to identify what team dysfunction traps your team is falling into
A blueprint for implementing an effective strategy to increase team buy-in and engagement
How to audit and rethink your organizational purpose and vision

Build Unstoppable Teams That Grow & Win
The Six Steps to Building a High Performing Team

Why do certain groups add up to be greater than the sum of their parts while others add up actually to be less? The critical insight is that interactions between individuals matter significantly more than the talent of the individual people in the team. Empower your managers with the game-changing insights of the Six Levels of High Performing Teams, enabling them to unite all your exceptional individuals into a cohesive and agile powerhouse that yearn to make a difference.

Your managers hold the reins of your organization’s culture, serving as the driving force behind your company’s triumphs. However, too often, managers are promoted based on tenure rather than their leadership prowess in creating high-performing teams.

The result? Oversized, overburdened individual contributors who yearn to break free and lose their passion to lead. The burnout trickles down like an insidious virus on your organizational culture.
Most managers struggle to devote the necessary time to build truly effective teams. While they possess fragments of the puzzle, they lack the holistic understanding of how it all interconnects. It’s time to elevate your managers from mere managers to visionary leaders through the power of everyday acts: coaching, encouragement, and empowerment. Brace yourself for a keynote that enlightens managers, offering a pulse-check of team dynamics and unveiling a digestible framework for crafting high-performing teams.

Often, leadership isn’t about grandiose heroic actions. True leadership resides in the small, daily acts of service, manifested through coaching, encouragement, and empowerment. Experience the profound impact of leadership, and walk away inspired with tools to make it your own.

The audience will learn:
A systemized Six-Step framework for creating high-performance teams
Real practices that everyone can use to create Psychological Safety
The levers of empowerment that drive teams forward
The role of communication in high-performing teams
Tactics for reframing mindset towards conflict in honour of innovation
A fresh perspective on creating a fluid culture of leadership
Why developing a sense of purpose increases meaning and outcome
Real practices to work toward an all-encompassing vision

Disruptive Leadership for an Entrepreneurial Workplace

In today’s fast-paced world, where the very essence of work is being redefined, it is crucial to embrace a new form of leadership—one that fosters innovation and defies the status quo. Enter disruptive leadership. This keynote from renowned Startup Leadership expert Fahd Alhattab unveils the power of disruptive leadership in the context of the entrepreneurial workplace, inspiring attendees to muster the boldness necessary to bring about impactful changes in their respective fields.

Drawing from his extensive experience in leading and growing startups, Fahd Alhattab will explore disruptive leadership, an approach that eschews traditional hierarchy and invites innovation at all levels. This dynamic leadership style, rooted in empowerment, creativity, and collaboration, fuels the engine of entrepreneurial workplaces, providing them the vigor to continually innovate and thrive in a volatile business environment.

Embracing Change and Disruption: It’s not about surviving change but leveraging it. Fahd will illustrate how leaders can turn the tide of disruption in their favor, promoting a culture of adaptability and resilience. In this constantly evolving tech landscape, leaders should embody change and inspire their teams to do the same.

Empowerment and Decentralization: Traditional leadership often rests on command and control, but disruptive leadership is about empowering others. Fahd will discuss how leaders can facilitate an entrepreneurial environment by decentralizing decision-making and promoting autonomy, inspiring individuals to step up and take ownership of their roles.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation: Disruptive leaders encourage constant innovation. They create safe spaces for their teams to experiment, take risks, and learn from failures. Fahd will demonstrate how to cultivate such a culture, enabling individuals to stretch their capabilities and pioneer breakthrough solutions.

Bold Decision-Making: In the realm of disruptive leadership, playing it safe is not an option. Fahd will inspire leaders to make bold, sometimes controversial, decisions that challenge conventional wisdom and catalyze growth. He’ll provide actionable insights into balancing the risks and rewards of such decisions.

The audience will learn:
How to embrace disruptive leadership
Entrepnurial practises of top startups and founders
Secrets of Lean Startup Innovation
Embracing Change and Disruption
Empowerment and Decentralization
Fostering a Culture of Innovation
Bold Decision-Making

Power of Community
Through Personal Leadership Drive Connection and Impact

The first step in your leadership journey is the decision to see yourself as an agent of change. Leadership knows no boundaries, as every individual possesses the potential to lead if they dare to embrace it and act upon it.

Get ready for an unforgettable keynote experience as Fahd takes you on a captivating journey of personal transformation and community service. From his arrival in Canada and the quest for a new sense of belonging, Fahd shares his compelling story of attempting to establish a march break camp for kids during high school. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride, filled with exhilarating triumphs and daunting challenges, as Fahd unveils the profound impact one person can make.

Fahd’s profound commitment to community leadership will ignite a fire within your audience, inspiring them to tackle local and global challenges head-on. Prepare to be immersed in a captivating narrative of self-development, brimming with essential lessons on personal growth and leadership principles.

Having spent the last decade leading and studying teams, Fahd has learned what it takes to find the leader within us.

In this keynote, Fahd will teach the audience to how to own their brilliance, share their ideas and lead. As well as identify and overcome common pitfalls of leadership and teamwork using the six-levels of team development. This actionable talk gives managers the tools to transform any team into a high-performing machine.

Leaders will Learn:
The importance of creating a culture that fosters belonging
How to lead with authenticity as a leader in your work community
The difference between culture and community, and what it takes to foster unity and collaboration at all levels
How to practice giving back to the community
Become more self-confident and disruptive team leaders
Empower employees to take ownership of projects

Fahd Alhattab
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