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June 27, 2016

Elizabeth Smart | Fight Like Girls 'Intro Night'

Bre Lasley and her sister Kayli Lasley both survived a horrific attack in their Salt Lake City home after an intruder forced his way into their home through an open window....
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November 24, 2014

Elizabeth Smart's Fight Against Human Trafficking [VIDEO]

Twelve years ago, Elizabeth Smart was abducted, raped and held in captivity for nine months. Now she is teaming up with a group that sets up stings to free children and...
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October 07, 2014

Elizabeth Smart Empowers Women With Survival Story

Written by Kimberly Ripley Elizabeth Smart will forever be remembered as the little Mormon girl from Utah, who was abducted in the middle of the night, held captive, and raped...
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September 05, 2014

How to Keep Your Children Safe: A Call to Action From Elizabeth Smart

One of our exclusive speakers, Elizabeth Smart, has partnered with Alicia Kozakiewicz to raise awareness about the urgency to save exploited and missing children. They have...
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August 14, 2014

Elizabeth Smart Shares Hope For Human Trafficking Victims

Written by Jared Ransom Empowering the victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking is one of the goals of law enforcement and healthcare leaders, and a national face of...
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May 13, 2014

Elizabeth Smart Discusses Kidnapping of the Nigerian Girls and More

Elizabeth Smart, a former child abductee turned activist, talks to the WSJ’s Lee Hawkins about the kidnappings in Nigeria, strategies for overcoming extreme adversity, how she...
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May 08, 2014

Elizabeth Smart on the Kidnapping of the Nigerian Girls

Written by Jill Filipovic When Elizabeth Smart was 14, she was abducted from her bedroom in Salt Lake City, Utah, and held for nine months. Her kidnapping and rescue made...
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March 18, 2014

Abduction Survivor Elizabeth Smart Speaks at the University of Missouri

Written by Dana Clemens Nearly 12 years ago, Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped out of her bedroom and held captive for nine months, enduring numerous rapes and other abuse.Friday...
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March 06, 2014

Thousands Wait to Hear Elizabeth Smart at BYU

Written by Hannah Ballard Thousands of students and Provo residents lingered after hours on BYU’s campus, anxiously awaiting the chance to hear from the university’s own...
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February 20, 2014

Elizabeth Smart Backs Sex Abuse Education in Utah Schools

Written by Antone Clark Elizabeth Smart said she didn't know she had options when she was abducted in June of 2002, initiating a nine-month ordeal that generated national...
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January 31, 2014

TedxTalks Welcomes Elizabeth Smart [VIDEO]

  We are thrilled to see one of our exclusive speakers, Elizabeth Smart, share her story at a recent TEDx event at the University of Nevada. In this riveting talk, she...
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November 07, 2013

Elizabeth Smart Shares Her Story [VIDEO]

Written by Eric Wilstein Kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart shared her story with students at Bowling Green State University on Tuesday, and promoted her recently-published...
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