The Importance Finding Your True Passion and The World's Water Crisis [INTERVIEW]

Skype Interview with Premiere Vice President, Ryan Giffen.

Doc did not dream of dedicating his life to humanitarian efforts in developing countries. Far from it, in fact. He graduated from NC State University with a communications degree he wasn’t sure how to use. While bartending to pay the bills, he noticed the men and women sitting on the stools seemed to want to be part of something bigger. The 30-year-old Hendley got inspired behind the bar, and today his nonprofit group, Wine to Water, has dug, repaired and sanitized drinking wells for 25,000 people in five Third World countries. It's an idea that started with wine tastings and a humble donation jar.

Doc is the perfect speaker for University Events as he urges students that the key to success is finding what you are passionate about and doing it.

Doc Hendley's Biography:

Hendley calls himself proof that anyone, even a “tattooed keg-tapper”, can cure what ails the world. MORE

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Doc Hendley: Global Humanitarian, Founder and President of Wine To Water, Clean Water Crusader, Top 10 CNN Hero

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