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Blaine Lee

Founding Vice President of FranklinCovey Company

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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Blaine Lee

Dr. Blaine Lee believes you were born to succeed in your work and in your life, and has committed himself to helping those who desire the best in themselves and those they serve. Since 1971, he has created and conducted training and development programs throughout the United States and Europe to help thousands of leaders become their best, personally and professionally.

As principal for a private residential high school for delinquent teenagers, Dr. Lee learned how to help others grow as they deal with tough emotional and behavioral problems. As a scoutmaster and choral director, he learned the subtle challenges and joys of volunteer leadership. From his own family, he learned how hard it is to practice what you teach. And as director of instructional systems development for the entire Air Force as a young captain, he learned how to manage training and development systems to increase productivity while saving millions in taxpayer dollars.

He has been recognized twice as one of the Outstanding Young Men in America, and is listed in International Leaders in Achievement and Who's Who in America.

Dr. Lee has created and delivered custom leadership development programs for many world-class organizations, including: Proctor & Gamble, U.S. West, Intel, IBM, Pillsbury, General Motors, Conoco, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, NASA, Occidental Petroleum, MCI, Mass Mutual, Kimberly Clark, Prudential, Nabisco, and Xerox. Audiences as diverse as truck drivers and nurses, sales managers and human resources directors, senior executives and consultants, entrepreneurs and CEOs of billion-dollar corporations have applauded how Dr. Lee makes them feel about themselves and the possibilities he helps them see in the challenges they face.

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Blaine Lee

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