The Art & Science of Navigating "Why Not Now?"

After spending the past decade up-close and personal with some of the world's most iconic Renegades and recently interviewing more than 100 of them, I've started to spot behavioral trends. These are similarities in how they navigate from idea to action, from dreaming to doing.

I ask them to tell me about a moment, hour or day when they had a big decision to make and they asked themselves, "Why Not Now?". If their answer resembles something that you'd find in a fluffy Instagram-worthy quote about chasing your dreams, I don't buy it. I dig and pry down to the tactical, tangible action steps they take to navigate from vision to execution. I've stated to apply their logic to my life and let me tell you, it works.

Why Not Now? All-Time Top 10

Top 10 Why Not Now? conversations with some of the world's most effective Renegades:

Mark Cuban - The Shark Tank personality and Dallas Mavericks owner shares the moment that changed his trajectory. From bartending to billionaire. And is a Presidential run in the future?

Jessica Alba - Actress and Entrepreneur talks about navigating from Hollywood to building a billion-dollar company and why she goes to therapy instead of airing her challenges on social media.

Tony Robbins - The iconic life strategist talks about tackling Why Not Now? moments and the power of not giving yourself an out. "If you want to take the island, you burn your boat."

Arianna Huffington - Huffington Post and Thrive founder shares the very first step in breaking down the "bro culture" in Silicon Valley and across all industries. Arianna, who's on the board of Uber, shares her vision full of solutions.

Dan Reynolds - Imagine Dragons frontman gets personal and says, why not speak up now? Sometimes when you're quite about something you're an activist for something you aren't.

Billy Corgan - The Smashing Pumpkins icon shares something he's never talked about before. Hence this episode landing on the home page of Rolling Stone.

Simon Sinek - The Why Guy explains the correlation between finding your Why and Why Not Now? You don't have to know all the answers and you don’t have to pretend that you do.

Tony Hsieh - The CEO of Zappos is an open book about how he approaches Why Not Now? ideas, including whether or not a spreadsheet is involved.

Shannon Lee – Bruce Lee's daughter shares how and why Bruce was a Why Not Now? legend. What she's doing to innovate his legacy and spread his life-changing philosophies across the globe.

Lane Wood - He did a complete 180 with his life in less than a year. Lane isn't exactly a high-profile personality yet this episode took flight. Clearly his scenario resonated with listeners.

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