Sherry Strong | Chef, Nutritionist, Lifestyle Motivator

Sherry Strong

Chef, Nutritionist, Lifestyle Motivator

Sherry Strong
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Recipe for Life Success

The quality of ingredients you put into life determine the finished product. Cook and play with Sherry as she shows you how to enjoy the whole process and get the best results for your life.

Taking Care of Your Number One Business Asset – You!

Learn how to take care of you when the in tray is too high, you are traveling from one place to another and trying to get it all done.

Smarter, Calmer, Happier and Energized in 30 minutes

Learn the super foods and habits that will energize you, make you happy, calm and increase brain function that can be done in 30 minutes.

The Secrets of the Anti Diet

If you are tired of dieting, spending your life at the gym, getting colds, feeling sick or energy zapped, not waking up happy or just not getting the results you want from what you are doing now …….the Anti Diet is the answer.

Beating Stress the Old Fashioned Way

7 Secrets Our Ancestors Used to Eliminate Stress. Sherry is the Melbourne President of Slow Food and a passionate advocate of how to slow down in the fast lane and in doing so get more done.

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Sherry Strong

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