Scott Ott | The Unknown Who Shocked a Well-Funded Goliath

Scott Ott

The Unknown Who Shocked a Well-Funded Goliath

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Scott Ott

In 2009, Scott Ott decided to step out of the bleachers as a writer and into the arena, making a run for Lehigh County Executive against one of the most powerful, well-funded politicians in the state. Starting from $0, facing an opponent with nearly three-quarters of a million in the bank, Scott pulled together a group of passionate volunteers who used unconventional wisdom to produce the biggest shock of election night. Experts had predicted Scott would lose by a 60-40 margin, but when the votes were counted, of 41,200 cast, he lost by a mere 862 votes...upending expectations, and setting the stage for a future where no incumbent can take an unknown for granted.

Scott Ott is a twice-weekly columnist for the Washington Examiner, co-host of Trifecta on PJTV, a news, commentary and humor show, and editor in chief of the world's leading family-friendly news satire source,

Scott has built a national readership as a satire blogger who attracted the attention of talkradio luminaries, magazine and newspaper editors, and thousands of bloggers.

Rush Limbaugh says, "I laugh myself silly." Glenn Beck calls him "tremendously funny." Scott Ott's daily news satire site,, has entertained and informed more than 10 million visitors since he started it in 2002. His book, "Axis of Weasels," set the standard for fake-but-true news, emulated by Dan Rather and The New York Times. With conservative politics, strong moral values and dynamic presentation skills, Scott Ott offers fresh insight on top issues of the day and on the human condition for all time. He brings a combination of clean, stress-busting humor and passion that prompts personal change. His background as a customer service trainer, pastor and Wal-Mart People Greeter assures you that Scott Ott knows how to deliver values and smiles.

Unconventional Wisdom
How an Unknown Nearly Knocked Off the 'Market Leader'

What do you do when you face impossible odds?

As a first time political candidate, Scott Ott went up against a 15-year career politician, undefeated in six campaigns. Scott started with no money, nearly no name recognition, an unshakable commitment to running a clean race with no personal negative attacks, and a healthy disregard for conventional wisdom.

In the course of this campaign, he learned...
-- the value of volunteers who share your passion
-- how to get attention when the media ignore you
-- how to tap the power of social networking
-- what to do when those 'in the know' tell you its impossible
-- money isn't everything and a little goes a long way
-- the priceless key to never losing hope
...and more

On election night, the local paper said exit polls showed Scott Ott would lose by a 60-40 margin...but after more than 41,200 votes were counted, Scott lost by only 862 votes to an incumbent who just five months earlier was running for governor.

When people offered condolences, Scott would say, "There's nothing to condole. We exceeded all expectations, spread an important message, rounded up a team of enthusiastic volunteers and demonstrated that no incumbent (or market leader) is secure as he seems. I look forward to what's next with no regrets, and great joy."

Scott's message is not partisan, but timeless (and timely) for any organization struggling against seemingly impossible odds.

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Scott Ott

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