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Scott Rasmussen

Public Opinion Pollster, Author, Co-Founder of ESPN & Rasmussen Reports, Political Analyst

Scott Rasmussen
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Current: Politics Has Failed: America Will Not

Time 27:55

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Politics Has Failed: America Will Not
Time 27:55
The Elite 1% on Newt's World
Time 40:53
The Election for the President of the United States
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Understanding the US Political Landscape
Time 38:57

The Elite 1% and the Battle for America's Soul

In this deep-dive keynote, Scott Rasmussen shares the jaw-dropping disconnect between the nation's elite and the rest of America. While most Americans believe there is too little individual freedom in our nation today, only 16% of the elite agree. Stunningly, half of the elite believes there is too much individual freedom. 

Scott's research shows how deep the political divide has become while providing a hopeful bridge into a brighter future for America's citizens and communities. Scott will demonstrate how today's authentic leaders, not Washington-centric agencies, power-centered-politicians or university academics will determine the future of freedom, free-markets and self-governance.

Election 2024

Scott’s latest polls and analysis guides you through all the confusion of the election year. In addition to providing the lay of the land, he provides audiences with what to watch for as the campaign unfolds and, most importantly, what it means to America’s future. In addition to the latest numbers, Scott draws upon a deep knowledge of American history and three decades of election polling in a fun and informative presentation.

Messaging to Take Your Policy Ideas to Implementation

Too many great policy ideas fail because advocates are speaking a different language from voters. In a world where only 8% of voters talk politics on a daily basis, the language barrier is enormous. Acronyms like CRT and words like “woke” generate a powerful response in the political bubble but are little known among the general public. Scott outlines a transformational five-step messaging program that begins with listening to voters and ends with the outcome you desire.

Issues That Matter to You

Scott is constantly measuring the pulse of the nation on the issues of the day and can tailor a presentation to address the questions and concerns that matter most to your organization. Issue presentations draw upon the latest polling data, underlying policy dynamics, and legislative realities. In addition to insightful analysis, Scott offers messaging guidance to help your organization advance your interests.

Scott Rasmussen
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Scott Rasmussen

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