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Scott Hamilton - The Ickiness of Failure
Transcript Intro: Welcome to Beyond Speaking with Brian Lord a podcast featuring deeper conversations with the world's top speakers. Brian Lord: Hi, I'm Brian Lord. Your host of the Beyond Speaking Podcast. Our guest today is Scott Hamilton. An Olympic gold medalist, Scott bridged the gap between sports and entertainment. He's a moti...
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PAST: Scott Hamilton | 02/05
Undefeated: How To Keep Fighting When the World Says Quit The most recognized male figure skating star in the world, and figure skating's voice of authority in the U.S., Scott Hamilton, has won 70 titles, awards, and honors including an Emmy Award nomination, induction into the United States Olympic Hall of Fame, and a privileged member of the ...
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How to Make the Best of the Worst Circumstances [VIDEO]
In a Studio Interview with Brian Lord, Olympic Figure Skating Legend, Scott Hamilton shares his tips on finding fortune in misfortune. Scott's Biography: Clearly one of the most sought after keynote speakers and most popular figure skating stars in the world today, Scott Hamilton is an Olympic Gold Medalist, Network TV skat...
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