Rowdy Gaines | 3-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

Rowdy Gaines

3-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

Rowdy Gaines
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Auburn University Profile
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Keynote Preview
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Olympic Dreams and Spirit

Dedication and Commitment through tough times
1. Overcoming the 1980 Boycott
2. Dealing with Guilain Bare Syndrome

Taking Risks and How to Manage Them
1. Don’t be afraid to fail
2. The start of a lifetime

Be Original in your Ideas
1. The Berkoff Blastoff
2. 1/100 of a second

How to Approach Perfection
1. Managing your time
2. Determine the Value

Teamwork in an Individual Life
1. Swimming?
2. The Olympic Village

Be a Dreamchaser

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Rowdy Gaines

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