If Life Was A Steak, Rocky Bleier Would Ask For It Rare


Rocky Bleier, former NFL Pittsburgh Steelers half back was severely wounded by a rifle bullet in his left thigh & shrapnel from a stray granade in his right leg while drafted in the Vietnam War. Barely able to walk following his injury, he was told that he would never play football again. Incredibly, he returned to training camp just one year after his injury, made it back onto the team and won four Super Bowl titles. In addition to these amazing accomplishments, Rocky was named Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey's winner of the 2015 Rare Life Heroism Award and $5,000 will be donated to Beating the Odds Foundation


Rocky is Co-Chairman of the Beating the Odds Foundation which reaches out to student groups across the country in order to inspire them to pursue and work for their dreams no matter how extreme the odds may be. His story is a powerful testament to true perseverance. 

Rocky Bleier: Vietnam War Veteran and 4-Time NFL Super Bowl Champion

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