Rick Searfoss

Rick Searfoss astronaut, pilot Rick Searfoss astronaut, pilot

Rick Searfoss Bio

The Real "Right Stuff" Human space flight: dynamic, challenging, difficult. A perfect model for any ambitious venture. The astronauts must perform to the highest standards as individuals, teams, and for commanders, as leaders. Too much is at stake for anything else. As one of less than a hundred people ever who have actually commanded a human space mission, Colonel Rick Searfoss speaks on leadership, teamwork, and personal excellence with authority born of in-depth experience. Learn to apply the astronauts' tools for peak performance, teamwork, effective leadership, and results that count!

Content and Credibility As a space flyer, Colonel Rick Searfoss shares with only a handful of people some of the most unique human experiences possible:

- Fighter pilot, test pilot, astronaut, and Space Shuttle Commander.
- Commanded the most complex science research space mission ever.
- Experienced, real-world leader in the most demanding of team endeavors.
- Unparalleled credibility for content-rich and value-filled presentations!

Charisma and Compassion Rick speaks from the heart to movingly share the lessons and awe-inspiring wonder of human space flight. His stunning multimedia presentations uplift, entertain, and move to action. A great mix of down-to-earth style and out-of-this world excitement! Let him launch your group on a thrilling "Mach 25" journey of performance, teamwork, and leadership discovery.

Client Centered Rick approaches each speaking engagement just like a mission, applying the same principles he used as a Space Shuttle commander to help his client produce an exciting, engaging, successful meeting. Working diligently with the event team - meeting planners (mission control), organization leaders (commanders), audiovisual support (launch technicians) and, of course, audiences (the crew) - he nails down every last detail while constantly addressing and supporting the overall meeting objective. Rick always customizes using input from senior leaders and meeting planners to stay focused on the client's needs. The result: stimulating presentations designed perfectly to help individuals, teams, and leaders lift off on their own missions of excellence.

His Goal: to spectacularly launch your event!