Investing in Transparency and Growth

Shawn Hanks: CEO
July 19, 2022

Shawn Hanks


Premiere Speakers Bureau (PSB) represents many of the world's top speakers and partners with over 2,000 events every year. PSB utilizes technology and an obsession with service to make their event partners the "hero" in their event's success. 

As the live events industry took significant Covid losses in 2020, PSB re-focused efforts to lead the events industry in trust and transparency. While it sounds like corporate-speak, it is not. The result, an industry-first suite of tools giving speakers an efficient, focused and actionable look into their businesses. Premiere +

"Premiere+ provides comprehensive, deep access to every detail of an event - relationship management, agent activity, calendars, finances, logistics and more. All the data is beautifully presented to assist our speaker partners in visualizing and growing their business."
- Shawn Hanks, CEO, Premiere Speakers Bureau

Speakers and their teams have unique access to realized and projected revenue, lead status, past event details, contracts, holds and event details all in one place. And they can transparently monitor progress as Premiere's nine agents engage with event partners with real-time status updates and notifications.