Celebrating International Women's Day: Top Female Motivational Speakers Who Inspire Change

Katie Reuter: Agent Associate
February 01, 2024

Katie Reuter

Agent Associate

It’s almost International Women’s Day, and we’re celebrating! I’m sharing some of my personal favorite female speakers. These women captivate audiences and communicate powerful stories with implementable takeaways. If your organization is looking for a strong dose of motivation, check out my recommendations below.

Liz Bohannon - Creating Impact through Entrepreneurship
Liz Bohannon, the founder of Sseko Designs, is an advocate for ethical fashion and women's empowerment. Her keynotes inspire audiences to pursue socially responsible entrepreneurship and create positive change in the world. Liz's story of building a successful, impact-driven business is both motivational and instructive.

Karen M. Allen - Empowerment Through Mindfulness
Karen M. Allen's approach to motivation focuses on mindfulness and personal empowerment. She encourages audiences to embrace their inner strength and leverage it to overcome challenges. Karen's engaging and interactive style helps individuals find clarity and purpose, making her sessions both uplifting and transformative.

Jessica Buchanan - Resilience in the Face of Adversity
Jessica Buchanan's story is one of extraordinary courage and survival. She was kidnapped by Somali pirates and held for ransom in the desert for 93 days, a harrowing experience she shares with her audience. Jessica's keynotes focus on resilience, overcoming adversity, and the power of hope. Her ability to connect with audiences on a deeply personal level makes her a truly inspirational figure.

Nicole Malachowski - Breaking Barriers in the Skies
As the first female Thunderbird pilot and a White House Fellow, Nicole Malachowski has shattered glass ceilings in both the military and government sectors. Her speeches inspire audiences to challenge stereotypes, embrace change, and overcome obstacles. Nicole's dynamic presence and compelling storytelling captivate her audience, driving home her message of perseverance and strength.

Sara Ross - Leadership with Emotional Intelligence
Sara Ross is known for her expertise in emotional intelligence and leadership. Her keynotes explore the crucial role of emotional intelligence in effective leadership and personal well-being. Sara's insights help audiences develop skills to lead with compassion, resilience, and empathy, making her a sought-after speaker for corporate events and leadership training.

Clara Shih - Pioneering Digital Transformation
Clara Shih, a leader in the tech industry and author of "The Facebook Era," speaks on digital transformation and its impact on businesses and society. Her sessions offer valuable insights into navigating the ever-changing digital landscape. Clara's expertise in social media and technology makes her keynotes not only informative but also essential for today's digital-driven world.

Valorie Burton - Championing Positive Psychology
As a certified personal and executive coach, Valorie Burton focuses on positive psychology in her motivational speaking. She empowers her audience to embrace happiness, resilience, and purpose in both personal and professional life. Valorie's engaging approach and practical advice leave attendees feeling uplifted and equipped to face life's challenges.

Keren Elazari - Cybersecurity with a Conscience
Keren Elazari, a cybersecurity expert, brings a unique perspective to the world of digital security. Her keynotes address the importance of cybersecurity in protecting not just data but also democratic values. Keren's ability to simplify complex tech concepts and highlight the human aspect of cybersecurity makes her a powerful and relevant speaker.

Gina Schaefer - Building Success in Business
Gina Schaefer, the CEO of a chain of hardware stores, shares her journey of entrepreneurship and community building. Her keynotes focus on business leadership, community engagement, and empowering women in the business world. Gina's practical advice and personal anecdotes resonate with aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders alike.

Kimberly Bryant - Advocating for Diversity in Tech
Kimberly Bryant, the founder of Black Girls Code, is a champion for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Her keynotes address the importance of creating opportunities for underrepresented groups in STEM fields. Kimberly's passion and commitment to this cause make her an influential and inspiring speaker.

As we celebrate International Women's Day, these ten phenomenal women are next level when it comes to inspiration, demonstrating the incredible impact that female motivational speakers can have. Their stories of resilience, leadership, innovation, and empowerment not only inspire but also drive positive change in various fields. Reminding us of the power of diverse voices and the importance of lifting each other up. Happy International Women's Day!