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Seth Dillon

Seth Dillon, Pro-Life, Politics broadcast and media, humor, political, entertainment, christian, church, comedy and entertainment, babylon Bee Seth Dillon, Pro-Life, Politics broadcast and media, humor, political, entertainment, christian, church, comedy and entertainment, babylon Bee
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Seth Dillon: Canceling Comedy: Censorship, Satire, and the Babylon Bee
Seth Dillon: Saving Satire, Fighting Censorship
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Premiere Exclusive

Seth Dillon

CEO of the Babylon Bee, Entrepreneur, and Venture Investor

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Palm Beach, FL
About Seth Dillon

Seth Dillon is the CEO of The Babylon Bee, the world's most trusted, factually accurate news source. Taking on the tone of a traditional news media publication, the Bee satirizes real-world events and public figures.

Dillon's experience with censorship and deplatforming has placed him on the front lines of the battle for free speech in the public square. He now speaks on college campuses and at conferences across the country about the effectiveness of humor, the moral imperative of mockery, ...

Having Seth Dillon speak at your event will not disappoint. Not only does Seth provide whip-smart political commentary on important issues that matter, but he does it while being funny as heck!

Konni Burton, Founder/CEO - TheTexan.News

Seth Dillon is a brilliant communicator and defender of truth and sanity in an insane world. He has mastered the art of weaponized satire and has invented a humor not just for the purposes of comic relief, but punching hard against the radical subjectivism of cancel culture. Seth Dillon is a serious thought leader and will both entertain and educate your group.

Ryan Helfenbein, VP of University Communications - Liberty University

Seth Dillion was FANTASTIC!!! One of the best speakers we have ever had. Everyone loved him!

Michael Finch - David Horowitz Freedom Center

Seth Dillon was professional, personable and flexible to our needs for the event. He delivered a solid speech that was succinct, meaningful and relavant to the event theme and audience. Comparably to his previous speeches available online, he delivered at the same standard of excellence as he did for larger more prestigious events. 10/10 absolutely would recommend him for other organizations.

Sina Tidwell - Denton County GOP

Seth did such an amazing job at our National Leaders' Summit. He gave insightful feedback on the panel session and then just knocked it out of the park at dinner. He brought a lot of laughter into the room with his presentation - we absolutely loved him!

April West, Director of Events - First Liberty Institute
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