Paul Lisnek | Political and Legal Analyst WGN TV, Award Winning Television Host and Anchor, Author and Keynote Speaker

Paul Lisnek

Political and Legal Analyst WGN TV, Award Winning Television Host and Anchor, Author and Keynote Speaker

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Paul Lisnek
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The Political Pulse

A Look at the Political Scene (with Predictions)

Paul Lisnek is the political analyst for WGN-TV (since 2008). He hosts the nightly LIVE political TV show Politics Tonight (since 2010). Having interviewed Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, and journalists, Paul presents his keynote address as a neutral analysis, free of leaning or bias that will certainly lead to one half of the audience, or the other, getting upset. Paul's style is to walk the middle as he presents the challenges and pitfalls that lie ahead in the upcoming election season. He offers predictions based on all the data available, not based on personal leaning.

"The Political Pulse" has been a well-received presentation that often leads to Paul's being invited back for each new election season. His style is funny, pointed, and respectful…a great way to get attendees talking and discussing the political and social issues of the day.

Art of Communication and Building Better Customer/Client Relationships

"The Art of Communication" is an excellent presentation for a keynote address, motivational talk or skills training. Given 30 minutes, 90 minutes or a half day, Dr. Lisnek will introduce the audience to the unique components of communication that define and refine how we build relationships with colleagues, customers and family. He steps inside the process of communication, as he discusses how people process information and most importantly how each of us can improve the way we communicate to better reflect the reality of those who are important in our career and in our personal lives.

Public Speaking

The # 1 human fear is public speaking. Dr. Lisnek erases the stress we feel when giving a public presentation and replaces it with enthusiasm and fun. He teaches the audience how to make presentations the best they can be for the audience, not just the speaker. He believes that it's not what we say, but HOW we say it. Paul ensures that the audience learns what it takes to put on the best possible show! (Keynote, half day or full day presentation)


Negotiation is one of the most popular topics taught in any setting; hear from the master who believes that it's worth trying to negotiate for everything and anything. The author of the popular book, Winning the Mind Game: Negotiating in Business and Life, Dr. Lisnek looks at the fundamentals of negotiating and addresses why a Win-Win approach is rather naïve thinking! He understands how people think and what it takes to help them win in negotiations from the largest corporate deals, to the flea market bargains. (keynote, half day or full day presentation)

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Paul Lisnek

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