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Speaker, Author, and Olympic Gold Medalist

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When Turtles Fly
Sticking your neck out to reach your goals

How do individuals find the drive for what they do? How do they conquer their greatest obstacle? How do they take the appropriate risks to make sure their business skyrockets? Nikki relates how clients can answer these questions through her incredible Turtle Effect philosophy. Nikki discovered that she could find the passion to pursue her lifelong dreams, she could find the strength to overcome a spinal injury that 10 doctors told her wasn’t possible, and she could take the risk of soaring 50 feet in the air off a 10 foot all snow jump to win an Olympic Gold medal despite being afraid of heights. With inspiring tools, people find that Nikki’s inspiration will motivate them long after they have heard her speak.

“You motivate me still, today. Your inspiration will last a lifetime…I took your advice and surmounted the obstacles by focusing on my strengths--even when I wasn't sure if my strengths were still there. And now, I'm celebrating my victories as I move forward. And each victory reminds me that even in the face of adversity, my strengths were still there. This allows me to put risk--and fear--in perspective.”

Only Some Want to Fly
Striving for Excellence by Spreading your Wings to Reach Success

Olympic Gold Medalists have reached a level of success that very few people in the world have achieved. Nikki has analyzed and researched why she and many other professionals have found this success. Let Nikki truly motivate your organization through her engaging and moving journey while demonstrating the activities that will help every individual surge an all new level of excellence.

“It’s easy to see why everyone fell in love with your story, motivation, generosity, and character. Your enthusiasm was contagious and your message was so moving…You really are the best motivational speaker I’ve ever heard!”

Knocking Down Those Walls
Turning your Obstacles into Hurdles

There is a compelling comparison that can be made between the difficulties of overcoming a career-threatening injury in a risky sport and the fears and challenges that most professionals face in their quest to be the best. Hear how Nikki creatively makes this link and encourages attendees stand up to their obstacles and learn from the experience in order to cut a new path towards the finish line. Nikki will help change an attitude of discouragement to an experience of encouragement through a story filled with laughter, tears and lot of fist-pumping.

“Wow, wow, WOW! That presentation was POWERFUL!! We all felt like we were right there with you…. You could feel the electric energy flying from that conference room as we walked out after you spoke.”

You Can’t Get to the Top Alone
Using Teamwork to Achieve your Goals

We all want to be the best at what we do. We want to stand out, be recognized and acknowledged for our achievements. But whether you are an individual in an organization or an athlete representing your country, we all need to appreciate and utilize the team surrounding us. There’s no secret to finding a support system, the real secret lies in using it. Explore the hands-on activities Nikki shares in helping attendees reach new heights and use their support system to make sure they can land on their feet.

“It says something about a speaker that can captivate the entire audience during Sundance, at a fantastic ski resort, amidst an array of varied, accomplished speakers. You definitely stole the show!!”

We Only Live Once - Make it Count
Taking the Risk to Be Your Best

You and your company didn’t get to where they are by sitting on the couch and waiting for life to sweep you up to your ultimate success. In order to reach your full potential we all have to think and act outside the box in order to get ahead. Take the journey with Nikki learning some unique tips and tools for individuals and businesses to take the next steps in your personal and professional lives.

“The guests have been talking about you nonstop since your speech. Your engagement was impactful, engaging, dynamic and empowering. You had something for each of us, entrepreneurs or not.”

Watch Out World, Here Come the Women
Women in Sports & Business Reaching New Heights

Business was once thought of as a man’s world and aerial skiing was once thought of as a man’s sport. Women have come on with a vengeance to debunk these stereotypes. Nikki will empower women to dig deeper, push further, fight harder, and stand taller in their pursuit of the top tier of their professions. Discover the assets that women have working for them and the concepts they can use to beat off the competition.

FACEBOOK: “Olympic Gold Medalist, Nikki Stone gave an amazing presentation at the conference I attended in Utah this week. She is such an inspiration! :) And as if I wasn’t moved enough by her talk, she let me pose in a picture with her real Olympic Gold medal on!”

The Champion’s Path To Leadership And Drive

The Strategies and Tools for Everyone to Be a Champion and Increase Productivity and the Bottom Line

As the old saying goes “champions aren’t born, they are made”. Olympic Gold Medalists have reached a level of success that very few people in the world have achieved. The path to strong leadership starts by setting a culture of performance and excellence, particularly in high pressure moments and overcoming adversities. Olympians constantly look to understand their strengths and how they can improve their weaknesses.

Learn how to be at your best from someone who studied and lived this for decades. Nikki will help attendees:

• Learn how your business and employees can adapt to modern updates without slowing momentum
• Discover the alignment of 7 critical success factors of sport analogous to the alignment of business departments & divisions
• Acquire tools champions use to pick up and reenergize after challenges by fortifying resilience and maintaining a winning attitude
• Understanding how and why a strong goal can help increase profits
• Finding passion and drive to increase customer and employee retention
• Help everyone take ownership in the company’s or group’s success
• Develop tools for dealing with stress and high pressure moments
• Discover how to handle healthy competition to land on top
• Gaining the ability to chart clear paths and create new opportunities

Experience the remarkable story of overcoming life threatening injuries to achieving the lifelong dream of winning the coveted Olympic gold medal. You will remember and relate to the extraordinary journey of a young athlete hitting rock bottom and learning the essential revival skills and mindset to catapult her beyond what anyone thought imaginable. Gain inspiration from the uplifting ascent of true heartache to explosive passion and pride.

In this highly acclaimed program, Nikki gives everyone the insider, behind the scenes story and her clear strategies for success. Your personal leadership plan includes a clear vision and focus, path to persistency, a winning attitude and a strong team. She has learned that we need to determine where we are going and why it matters. Nikki expresses the importance of setting the attitudes, mindsets, policies, practices and expectations for the culture of discipline. You can learn these skills from a champion that was virtually counted out by everyone. These strategies and hands-on activities will assist you and your people to use your collective knowledge to change your way of looking at the world. Realizing this strong, rational optimism and the can-do Olympic Spirit that is inside each of us, you will find that your potential is limitless.

The participants will recognize and be able to apply the skills it takes to be a champion in the workplace. Nikki will help guests increase output, become more productive and learn their true potential through a motivating and captivating story.

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Nikki Stone

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