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Nick Earle

Chairman and CEO of Eseye, Recent Senior Vice President Virgin Hyperloop One

About Nick Earle

Nick Earle is an experienced corporate executive with over 30 years of experience spanning large corporations and start-ups in global IT and transportation industries. Nick is currently Chairman and CEO of Eseye, an Internet of Things (IoT) company in Guildford, UK. Eseye provide the enabling technology for Amazon Web Services cellular connectivity to devices. The company has 1200 customers across 130 countries and is involved in major IoT projects in areas such as Electric Vehicle Charging, Smart ...

I asked Nick to present in London last June to KPMG's Global Infrastructure Leaders. Nick completely wowed a (discerning, questioning) bunch of senior execs who eat, sleep and breathe infrastructure. In fact, I would go as far to say that his presentation changed the dynamic of the rest of that meeting. His enthusiasm for hyperloop shines bright!

Andy Garbutt, Principal, Head of Infrastructure - KPMG

Nick is not just a compelling and engaging speaker but is a truly skilled communicator. Nick's ability to bring business and technology concepts to life for any audience is remarkable. Nick is an excellent keynote speaker, panelist and facilitator.

Phil Smith, Chairman - Cisco UK & Ireland

Nick brings a passion and energy to the subject matter of transportation which brings the vision of Hyperloop to life and makes it relatable for his audience. Our audience commented on how much they enjoyed the incredible number of facts and insights Nick shared and our regular podcast listeners say it's one of their favorite episodes in our series of illustrious guest interviews.

Robert Belgrave, CEO - Wirehive

Nick was a keynote speaker at KPMG's Global Infrastructure conference in London last year. Virgin Hyperloop One is at the forefront of the technological revolution in transportation, and we were keen to challenge our audience to recognise the enormity of the impending change and its implications for society. His background in Cisco gives Nick brings a very different perspective on the digitisation opportunity in infrastructure and his presentation was widely regarded as one of the best at the event being both highly engaging and wide-ranging in its insight.

Richard Threlfall, Partner, Global Head of Infrastructure - KPMG LLP

Nick is one of the most passionate and energetic speakers I've seen. Across his many roles here at Cisco, he provided crucial insights into market transitions, and predictive insights for the future. I personally enjoyed many of his presentations where he shared informative analysis of how technology will change the world. Both his style and his content are engaging and insightful, and Nick always ensures that his audience comes away informed and inspired.

Chuck Robbins, CEO - Cisco

Nick has spoken at a number of EY events both while at Hyperloop and at Cisco. Nick brings quite an unique experience of a global business leader who has worked with some of the largest multinationals as well as having a great understanding of technology firms going through massive scale up and transformation. Nick is able to link technology transformation to real life business issues and how technology innovation is going to impact the business leaders in the future. His style is energetic, positive and very articulate, making Nick an effective and relevant speaker most audiences pay attention to.

Jean-Benoit Berty, Senior Partner - UK&I Industries, Ernst & Young LLP
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