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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
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Muffy was practically born on skis. She began skiing when she was three and began ski racing when she was seven. Always a goal setter, when she was eight, Muffy told her mother, "God made me to be a ski racer!" and declared that she would ski race in the Olympics. As one of the top junior racers in the country, Muffy was well on her way to accomplishing that goal. Having grown up and competed closely with Downhill champion Picabo Street, it was very likely that Muffy, too, would make it to the top. ...

. . . Muffy had every single person on their feet with a standing ovation. Muffy captivated our group w/ an inspiring story focused on setting goals, overcoming challenges, utilizing each other as a support system, & never giving up.

Adam Apprill - Alcon
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