Mike McKinley

Mike McKinley

President of His Own Multi Million Dollar Company, Cancer Survivor, and Award Winning Business Speaker

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Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States
About Mike McKinley

Mike McKinley is a businessman, motivational speaker, consultant, author, business owner, and developer of a showcase garden destination. For over 25 years, he has been involved in the daily operations of the multi-million dollar educational publishing house that he founded.

Presenting hard-hitting business content delivered in a fun way, Mike McKinley entertains while he teaches?presenting as the keynote speaker, at corporate trainings, to in-house programs, and for professional association ...

Your ability to 'hear' the issues facing [us] and to quickly and effectively customize your presentation to address them was very impressive.

Delores M. Johnson, Director of Training & Patricia Ianello, Deputy Chief - Cook County Probation

A few people commented on how they were able to see themselves in the situations that you portrayed, & have come to the conclusion that maybe they're the one that needs to change in order to improve their work environment, rather than everyone else.

Phaedra E. Andersen, Training Director - PyraMax Bank

You presented an informative, entertaining, and inspiring program with memorable enthusiasm and energy.

Steve C. Metz, Mngr--Corporate Events - Burrell Professional Labs, Inc.

You were a hit!! The delivery of your message was done in a captivating way that was able to be felt in a very real manner by those who need to be fed each year at this meeting. Thank you for delivering the meat in a gourmet fashion.

Cynthia Mills, President & CEO - TCIA, the Tree Care Industry Association

The Daimler Chrysler Financial Services meetings where Mike has been the "keynote" speaker have been rated the highest by our attendees. Proof of how good he is. I have had Mike speak on at least 5 occasions and can't wait to book him again.

Jim Clincher, Manager-Marketing Communications - DaimlerChrysler Financial Services

Your ability to weave in pertinent elements about who we are made your presentation even more personal and relevant. But, what was the most impressive was your ability to tailor our program to such a diverse employee population.

Tim Krump, President & CEO - Krump Construction Incorporated
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