Mike Singletary | Former Coach and NFL Player

Mike Singletary

Former Coach and NFL Player

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Mike Singletary
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NITL Keynote
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Being Great In Football and Life
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Mike is able to address leadership from many angles ~ as a leader of one of the most iconic teams in NFL history, he can speak to peer-led leadership. As an NFL coach, he can speak to how to get the most out of teams you’re entrusted to lead. And as a current businessman and owner of a 501(c)3, Mike can speak to how to motivate and lead this current tech savvy generation with dynamic principles applicable to all.

Components of Success

Mike is in the process of writing and publishing a new book called “Navigating the 7 C’s of Success” which outlines 7 attributes and interpersonal skills in a step-by-step format to identify and uproot barriers to operating at our highest potential.


How to forge ahead when the best laid plans fail. Great leaders must find the formula to lead during uncertain and tumultuous times, whether they are due to external or internal circumstances.

Reformation of Impoverished Communities
What to do and what not to do

Mike has a personal passion to see the underserved communities transformed by providing opportunities and bringing a halt to the brokenness of the current educational and vocational system. He speaks on ways to truly empower the disenfranchised that will create sustainable improvements.

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Mike Singletary

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