Mary Anne Cappellino

Mary Anne Cappellino

Renowned Fitness Coach and Author

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Buffalo, New York, United States
About Mary Anne Cappellino

If there is power in positive thinking, Mary Anne Cappellino would light up Manhattan. You can feel the energy the minute she walks in the room with her contagious affirmative attitude.

Mary Anne not only guides many people to improve their physical condition as an exercise specialist and personal trainer, she actively promotes good health - appearing on TV and radio and inspiring thousands through her seminars and presentations.

An active runner and cyclist, Mary Anne participates in ...

Mary Anne speaks from the heart and her positive attitude shines through, helping people gain motivation to change their lifestyles with exercise & healthy choices.

Diane Chevron, Director Corporate Relations - American Heart Association

She was the perfect compliment to the event . . . Mary Anne was very upbeat, positive, humorous and inspirational. Many of our members walked away with a renewed interest in their personal health and well-being, thanks to Mary Anne

Jeanne E. Hellert, Executive Director - Buffalo Niagara Sales & Marketing Executives, Inc.

With her passion for exercise & its benefits, combined w/ an energetic yet empathetic speaking style, Mary Anne is a tremendous addition to any conference event. She leaves her audience fired up &determined to incorporate wellness into their daily lives.

Richard Leugemors, Owner - Buffalo Athletic Club
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