Mario Andretti | Won Six Formula One Races and Became the Second American to Win the World Championship

Mario Andretti

Won Six Formula One Races and Became the Second American to Win the World Championship

Mario Andretti
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The Mario Andretti Story

His stage-time centers around four main points around racing and his personal history, which inspire attendees to overcome obstacles, persevere, and be more adaptable to change.

1) Mario grew up in a refugee camp in Italy under communist rule, till he was 15. This portion focuses on how you can become a victim or victor. His idol was Alberto Ascari. He used to climb and peer through fences to see him race. (Choosing to be a victim or victor)

2) The second portion of his speech is when he moves to America, and he doesn't even speak English. He and his twin brother Aldo both had the same dream to become successful race car drivers. However, his brother had a terrible accident and was in a coma for 84 days, and never was able to live his dream. However, Mario was able to help his brother with his own success. (Overcoming Obstacles)

3)Mario began his now famous racing career in Indy and Formula One Racing. Mario talks about his rise to success, and how he was able to go back to the same where he watched Alberto Ascari as a child, and win. (How to Achieve Success, Perseverence)

4) Now, how he changed and adapts to retirement from racing and is following another dream, as he has founded his own winery. He talks about his family, and how to enjoy and seek out change (Adapting to Change)

An Onstage Discussion with Mario Andretti

In a moderated discussion, Mario Andretti will share it all: He’ll talk about growing up in Italy in a refugee camp, coming to America at age 15 and building his first race car. He’ll talk about his need to get on top and stay on top and what motivated him to race for so many years, despite the fatalities in the sport. What Mario does is almost like writing a memoir aloud. He's the grand storyteller of his own story. And he doesn’t just report events of the past but, of equal importance, he reflects upon that past and its significance for him personally.

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Mario Andretti

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