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Kevin Mitnick, Cybersecurity security, cyber, cypersecurity, NSB Kevin Mitnick, Cybersecurity security, cyber, cypersecurity, NSB

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We really loved the conversation and we're super happy with the execution. Our goal for virtual attendees was exceeded by 40% so we knocked it out of the park!
Lisa Hoang - Program Marketing Manager, Public Sector - Red Hat
I truly appreciated virtually presenting with Kevin. For one of the world's biggest cyber celebrities, he was pretty darn down to earth, generous, easy to work with, and of course, knew his stuff!
James Brodsky - Senior Director, Global Security Strategists - Splunk
Since Kevin Mitnick first produced a webinar for Qualys in 2009, he has always been known to deliver crushing crowds in-person or online. When I finally got the chance to share the stage with Kevin for a special appearance at our RSA 2017 trade show booth, I saw first hand his spectacular draw power that caused never-ending lineups circling the booth and ear-to-ear smiles on every face waiting to meet him. I'll never forget it and I'm even smiling as I think of it now. Kevin is a charismatic living legend and a true cybersecurity superstar.
Tim White - Former Director of Product Management - Qualys
Kevin Mitnick's talk [streamed live to all staff internally] at Microsoft was a huge hit. He was charming, funny, and definitely in the zone. The talk covered his early childhood pranks, illuminating how he developed the hacker instinct that ultimately got him into trouble. We look forward to the movie that will be based on "Ghost in the Wires"! Thanks much to Kevin for joining us!
Amy Draves - Microsoft
Kevin did a great job holding the audience's attention for 75 virtual minutes :-) His points definitely resonated with the audience. His real life examples and demonstrations made for a captivating and memorable experience.
Ashley Barnes (Jones) - Conference Program Manager - Institute of Internal Auditors
The Webinar [on social engineering] with Kevin was fantastic and we have received lots of positive feedback about the event. Kevin is a great speaker with tons of wit and a flair for making points thoughtfully.
Shane Westcott - Manager, Technology Support - Calgary Board of Education
We would need to give out FREE PUPPIES this year to match the record crowds and excitement that Kevin Mitnick generated at our trade show booth last year, so we just booked him again!
Michelle Mendal - Sr. Field Marketing Manager, Healthcare - VMWARE
Delegates at the event gave Kevin a rating of 98% for content and 98% for delivery. I'm sure you will agree with me that the scores were sensational.
Joyce Ong - Marketing and Communications - ACCENTURE
Kevin has a unique ability to connect with both technical and non-technical groups, which makes him a perfect fit for almost any event, especially those audiences that run the full gamut of technical ability. Die-hard techies will enjoy "geeking out" with Kevin, and everyone else will still be fascinated and perhaps a little frightened by what they learn. Our attendees could not have been more pleased with Kevin and his keynote.
Marketing Director - DELL
"Gasp" is rarely a word associated with a presentation during the week of the HIMSS conference. Keynotes and presentations can be informative, enlightening or surprising. Shock and awe are not descriptions that typically come to mind. But truly, you could hear the breath being sucked out of CIOs during the opening keynote presentation at the 2017 CIO Forum, of the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives. You see, Kevin Mitnick was making mincemeat of fairly traditional IT security practices.
Fred Bazzoli - Editor in Chief - HEALTH DATA MANAGEMENT MAGAZINE
I've never had such great feedback for a keynote speaker!
Ashley Moken - Marketing Manager - INTERNETWORK ENGINEERING
Our results were astounding. When we announced that Kevin Mitnick was to be the keynote speaker at our annual Western Canada Information Conference it produced spectacular interest from both the attendees and sponsors alike. We immediately moved to increase our venue's normal capacity to accommodate potentially more registrations. I'm so glad we did because the excitement snowballed into an avalanche. We were SOLD OUT with smiling, mesmerized attendees wall-to-wall and I had the biggest smile out of everyone knowing we achieved 2X our typical conference registrations!
Andrew Behnke - Former Conference Chair - ISACA, WINNIPEG CHAPTER
Kevin delivers mind-blowing momentum! The sponsorships sold out. The sessions sold out. The attendees were giddy with excitement throughout and the media just descended on us. It was legendary. The bottom line is Kevin was instrumental in helping create a high-quality lead funnel at our inaugural event and helped establish a trajectory of rapid future growth well beyond into the future.
Silvana Macri - Cyber Security Education & Founder - STAY CYBERSAFE
It is not what you know that is scary, it's what you don't know and Kevin Mitnick has a presentation that will demonstrate just how ignorant you are. If you need to put the fear of god into your C-Level co-workers or motivate your directors to approve your security budget, I would suggest that you have them attend his highly interactive and entertaining demonstration.
Steven Susman - Director, Information Technology - SUPREME SECURITY SYSTEMS