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Thank you for the outstanding example that you set for all of us. Your presentation was great and I really enjoyed visiting with you.
Charles E. Sukup P.E., President - Sukup Manufacturing Co.
You could have heard a pin drop during Kent's session. It's a rare occasion when that many students sit quietly and listen so intently to a speaker. He commanded the respect and interest of everyone in the room!
Rita Gilbertson, Director of Alumni Relations - Waldorf College
Kent encouraged our young people to step up to the challenges of leadership & always do their best, even when faced with scrutiny & uncertainty. He assured students that doing the right thing is important, because you never know where life may lead you.
Mary Schneekloth, Chair - Youth Leadership for Five Seasons
One of the greatest takeaways from working with Kent, was I felt like he was truly on our team from the beginning. . . . I felt that he put himself into the event 110%--making sure he did his part above and beyond.
Jody Donaldson - Scholarship and Alumni Director, Kirkwood Community College