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Kathy Cleveland Bull

Dynamic Seminar on "Who Moved My Cheese?"

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Columbus, Ohio, United States
About Kathy Cleveland Bull

Kathy Cleveland Bull is a highly regarded professional speaker, trainer, author and consultant. Her company, N~Compass Consulting, helps clients on four continents "Navigate the Art and Science of Change." Professional highlights include:
Keynoting an international medical conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands inspiring professionals, caregivers and family members to successfully adapt to the diagnosis of dementia in a loved one
Presenting a 2 day seminar on change for African ...

Kathy's energy and warm presence on stage is complimented by her presence off stage. She talks to people, she laughs, she listens and she asks questions. She is a terrific speaker!

Bobi Seredich, President - Equanimity, Inc.

Talent, beauty, brains. What a rare combination, but you deliver it all! I am out looking for New Cheese because of your terrific skills. You were The Best at the Leadership Conference!

John Pryor, President and Chief Operating Officer - Health-Mor

For more than 10 years, Kathy Cleveland Bull has provided keynote addresses and presented workshops for ACT's National Enrollment Planners Conference. We have benefited from headlining Kathy in the past, and we intend to engage her in the future!

Tom Colaner, Principal Consultant - ACT, Inc.

Surrounded by an array of the top speakers in the country, Kathy received high praise from our demanding attendees. She definitely exceeded our expectations and we look forward to continuing our relationship with her in the future.

Tom Crawford, Chairman and CEO - Leadership Network Corporation

"Kathy Cleveland Bull helped develop the first "Who Moved My Cheese Learning Program" and her ability to help others succeed in changing times continues to impress me,"

Spencer Johnson, M.D. - Who Moved My Cheese?
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