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Mission, Myth and ‘Truth’ – or - How To Make Your Brand Priceless

This seminar is for brand owners/leaders who want to lift their proposition above considerations of performance or value alone and make their brand esteemed beyond size and valued beyond price. You will learn about key drivers behind the success of some of the best in the premium brand world across industries – we call them ‘Ueber-Brands’.

Many post-crisis consumers and most Millennial keenly differentiate between products and experiences they want to invest themselves into and necessities they want to buy as efficiently and cheaply as possible. Gone are the days where shopping per-se and accumulating ‘stuff’ provided satisfaction and status.

Where does your brand stand on the continuum between ‘material’ and ‘meaningful’? Is it where you want it to be? Or might you be stuck in the middle?

If your desired place is to be esteemed for both your product as well as what it stands for, then join us to look at and discuss what drives the sustained success of some of the best brands in this class – We call them ‘Ueber-Brands’ in our book. Brands that go beyond.

During this seminar you’ll learn:

• How mission gives meaning and generates a strong buy-in
• Why myths are the superior story and create magic
• About the power of balancing the longing and belonging
• How to un-sell to seduce
• About the need for ‘truth’ and ‘living the dream’ as the answer

Related topics we have covered:
- Modern Marketing and the Need for ‘Truth’ (aka ‘authenticity’)
- Modern Marketing and the Need for Mission and Myth
- To Seduce Consumers – Re-Mystify Marketing!
- Prestige Brand Growth – How to Grow without losing your Glow
- How an Apple, Berluti, Cirque du Soleil or Dyson make us ‘happily pay a fortune’?
- Modern Prestige Retailing – Manifestation of Mission, Myth and Mojo.
- The Art of Seduction in Prestige Marketing – Or - How to strike the fine balance between Inclusivity and Exclusivity.
- Ueber-Branding – Or how to Seduce rather than Sell for Sustained Success
- Ueber-Branding – Or how to imbue your brand with meaning to matter.
- The Meaning of Innovation – Sustainable Growth for Premium Brands
And more…

JP Kuehlwein
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JP Kuehlwein

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