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John Spence

Internationally recognized Executive Leadership Coach and Author of Excellence By Design Leadership and Awesomely Simple

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Gainesville, FL
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For more than 23 years John Spence has traveled worldwide helping people and businesses be more successful. John is the author of five books and co-author of several more, a business consultant, workshop facilitator, keynote speaker and executive coach with a client list that includes numerous Fortune 500 firms to small businesses, professional associations, and other organizations. John's areas of expertise include leadership, high-performance teams, managing change, organizational culture, ...

[John] really was fabulous. He stopped at my table to check in with me after it was over and spent like 20 minutes talking to the people sitting with me. When he left, I turned to them and said, "And you thought it was great when I got you an extra piece of cheesecake. Now you've had a private audience with John Spence!" Their response: "The cheesecake was great, but that (indicating their private roundtable discussion with JS) that was gold. We want to sit with you all the time!"

Lee Ann Fisch, Director of Communications - Florida Forestry Association

I first came across you on The Shoulders of Titans podcast with Mr. Dan Lok. I found you very helpful and understandable (other than your sales formula which was a bit confusing .I have dyslexia) anyway I now follow you on LinkedIn, Twitter, your website, YouTube and I purchased your book Awesomely Simple...

Bottom line is, I am 55 years old and love learning and have found your content to be so rich and helpful. I just wanted to say thank you!

Tom Gallaher - Automotive Video Marketing

We would like to express our gratitude for the meeting last week at PAMI. We found your insightful advice very useful and your presentation contained several innovative ideas that we are now considering for our development. It was very inspiring for us to learn that the complex issues are awesomely simple!

Izabela Paluch, Chairman of the Board - INTECH PK

I can't tell you how many learning sessions I've attended at conferences over the past 20 years, but I've never been more inspired and driven coming out of one than yours at MCAA. Today, I purchased Awesomely Simple for all my "plane hours" on a business trip to Europe next week, signed up for your blog, and sent the 90 life-changing quotes to my teenagers and wife. I look forward to sharing this information with my team and family and most importantly - applying it.

Todd Spaulding, Vice President - CADDY

Today I saw the pictures you posted on the Wharton campus. I remember very fondly my time as an SII Trustee, and how much I looked forward to seeing you each year. Your energy is a real differentiator as you bring to life clear and relevant guidance for leading. Keep up the great work and please let me know the next time your travels take you Dallas/Ft. Worth. It would be a treat to see you again.

Bill Yancey, Managing Director - Hilltop Securities Inc.

In my current position, I am primarily responsible for some significant changes in the office. As you can imagine, it is challenging at times trying to get the "buy in" from people. I feel like an octopus with eight hands going in different directions and my brain keeping ahead of it all. Hearing you speak has re-energized me in my work and personal life. I thank you for that.

Rose Cavaliere, CAIB, CIP, Operations Manager - Dawson & Keenan Insurance Ltd.
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