John Rossman

John Rossman, Creativity & Innovation, Innovation Amazon, disruption, NSB John Rossman, Creativity & Innovation, Innovation Amazon, disruption, NSB

John Rossman Speech Topics

Creating Digital Disruption
Amazon has pioneered and created waves of disruption ever since it was founded. From one click purchasing, to online shopping, to same day delivery, Amazon has created the marketplace for others to follow. Author of the Amazon Way, John Rossman, will teach how the culture of Amazon drives the...
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Leadership the Amazon Way currently sells more online than its next 12 competitors combined. It has grown from an online bookseller to conquering the online shopping world. Many of the shopping expectations and tastes that consumers have today can be traced by to the Amazon Way. In John Rossman’s signature...
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Building a Culture of Innovation the Amazon Way
Leaders at Amazon expect and require innovation and invention from their teams. They are externally aware and look for new ideas everywhere. Amazon has a thrilling power to innovate that few other company has matched. Former Amazon executive turned business consultant John Rossman shows how it is...
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The Future Internet of Everything at Amazon
From John Rossman’s new book The Amazon Way: 10 Lessons Every Leader Should Learn from Amazon’s IoT Strategy, the former Amazon executive unpacks how connected devices will transform industries and businesses, and what leaders should do to take advantage. Rossman will look at how connected...
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Becoming Obsessed with the Customer
Amazon’s customer service and customer centric attitude is legendary. It is driven by leadership that can deduce the needs and wants of the customer and constantly push to improve the customer experience. Author of The Amazon Way, John Rossman, to teach you how to put yourself in your customer’s...
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Making a Supply Chain a Golden Asset -- The Amazon Way
Amazon was recently rated the number 1 supply chain by Gartner. With Amazon’s innovative and revolutionary culture, they have reset customer expectations for delivery speed, precision, and cost. John Rossman scaled third party market place business during his time as an executive at Amazon. Today...
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